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Want to live a luxurious life with a lot of money, houses, and cars? Here I share a complete guide on how to live a luxurious and happening live in a very short time.

Every Human Being in this world wants to make his life a little better with each passing day. The base of this development starts with making a lots of money and people are trying so many ways to increase their bank balance. Here I share the full details of one of the best and easiest ways to make money also known as the playboy job.

Who is a male escort?

So let’s start with the basics, before going directly to the topic let’s understand who is a boy doing call boy service and what his job is.


call boys who are also known as playboys or gigolos in India are ordinary boys with extraordinary ability to give friendships to others. These types of gigolo are often hired by modern women to meet their physical needs privately.

How is it different from other jobs -

Now you can think about how gigolo job are different from other activities or services and why they are special. Here is your answer -


Compared to any other activity, escort service or gigolo work is different because it pays more for energy and flexibility over time. As you are the boss in this field.

Types of women hiring call boys -

There are no specific categories of women and callgirl taking up the playboy service. As in the present world, every kind of modern and educated woman takes the services of a play boy job. However, here I share some examples of women who have taken these services many times in the past and here they are -


1. Single unmarried girls

2. Dissatisfied mothers

3. Business owners

4. Widows

5. Divorce

Benefits of being a call boy in India -

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business or a job, people are always looking out for their own interests. It’s similar with playboy company. Fortunately, as compared to all other jobs, this call boy career offers you thousands of many other benefits. Here are some of the great benefits you will get after joining a gigolo India pvt ltd career -

1. You can make good money -

The first and best opportunity for an escorts in Mumbai career allows you to earn good money in a short amount of time. As in this work, there is no limit to earn, you can get as much as you want by providing gigolo sex service to your customers.

2. An easy way to meet and hook up with hot ladies -

Almost every man wants to have fun with hot Mumbai call girl. If you are one of them the job of online playboy sex service is best for you. In these jobs, your main motto is to meet the needs of women and the best part is you will be paid for your work of an Indian Gigolo.

3. Make your life more comfortable -

As I told you earlier, playboy sex work is a short way to live a luxurious life. Because in this work you will earn thousands of dollars and travel around the world to make more money. And you will live with the people of the upper class.


There are thousands of other benefits of boy sex work but the above 3 are the most important benefits among all the others.

How much would you earn on this project -

This is one of the most common questions young people ask. To be honest, there is no set amount of money for boys’ gaming activities, you can get as much as you can by depending on the time and service you provide to your customers. But on average from gigolo India jobs you can get from 2000 to 40000 per meeting.

Ways to search and join a gigoloboy job in India -

Now the important question that comes to most of your mind is how one can find real and genuine service providers for their city. Because of all the frauds that take place in Indian call girl services and Gigolo services in various parts of India, people are afraid of the attempts a new call boy job apply online.


But I made sure to give you the most valuable information on this blog, here I am sharing a step-by-step process on how to search and join a private gigolo service vacancy in India as a gigolo -


1. Make a list of all the real playboy companies by browsing the internet.

2. Visit all their websites one by one and read all of the things carefully.

3. Choose a service provider for the call boy sex job and complete their join form.

4. Provide all your identity details such as Name, Address, Image, etc.

5. Receive direct calls from the girls looking for men.

6. Fulfill their needs of sensual enjoyment and earn as much as you want.

By following this simple step-by-step procedure you can join a gigolo club in India.

Lastly, I want to conclude that playboy India ltd is one of the best opportunities to earn thousands of rupees in a very short time. If you want to live a luxurious life there is nothing like this job. For more information and details you can visit Desireplayboys or the India Escort service.


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Author: Siya Sarkar | Created at: 13.01.2021


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