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Call boys jobs are not a new thing for many of us nowadays, there are thousands of young people join this job to earn a living. Here on this blog, I share 3 key things that can help you succeed in this field.

Every day the demand for the Indian gay escort job grows rapidly, and many young people are attracted to the profession because of its unlimited benefits and high earning potential. But most of them have failed to find success in this work due to a lack of knowledge and ignorance of other important things. So here I am sharing all the great things that will help you become a successful man escort in India.

Who is a call boy?

As the name implies, an escort man is someone who gives company to others especially ladies for a certain amount of money. In simple terms, the boy escort are ordinary young people who are able to meet the needs of modern women. Usually, these types of individuals are hired by women who are looking for a partner to date, visit different places, or have sex with them.

Who are persons hiring call boys -

Now coming to this topic there is not so much to talk about the types of people who hire or take the gigolo male escort service. But when we talk about people who continue to take this service is usually women. To make it easier to understand here I am sharing some categories of women who hire men escorts from the internet or through a free dating site -


  1. College going Girls

  2. Divorced woman

  3. Widows

  4. Travelers

  5. Dissatisfied Mothers


These are some of the categories of women who take the services of gay escorts from the Internet.

Things to Consider to become Successful In this work -

Now that we have come to the topic, let’s talk about how to succeed in this male escort work and what are the important things you need to consider.

1. Make sure to join through a good agency -

If you want to succeed in this Indian male escort sex job then you need to find and join a well-known and certified male escort agency, and a real dating site or website can help you find the most paid clients easily.

2. Put effort into creating your profile -

Most of the newly join male escort are not experiencing the thrill of success in this profession because they do not make their profile attractive. By working on your profile and providing all your personal information such as photos, description, interests, and details. You can easily be hired by modern women quickly.

3. More connections -

It doesn’t matter if you got a male escort services Mumbai or in any other city, Network or connections is one of the most important thing in all fields. By interacting with many people you can easily get more clients with referrals which also helps you to make more money with this male escort jobs in Mumbai.


There are so many other things also but the above 3 tips are important to help you succeed in this male escort sex job career.

Steps to join call boy Jobs in India -

Now let’s talk about how you can find male escort agencies in Mumbai or in any other city and join the male escort job in India. Getting a call boy job is a much harder option than joining it. So here I share a step-by-step process on how to find and do the free gigolo registration -


  1.  Find and make a list of all the call boy service providers by searching online.
  2.  Visit all their website one by one and read everything carefully.
  3.  Complete their registration form and provide all your details.
  4.  Get calls from women looking for men.
  5.  Visit their places to meet their needs and get paid directly.


By following this simple 5 step process you can easily join the Mumbai boy sex jobs.


Finally, I want to conclude that dating jobs are one of the best opportunities for people who want to make good money in the short term. By reading this blog you can easily succeed in this job of gay escort Mumbai or in any other city in India. For more information and details you can visit Desireplayboys.


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Author: Siya Sarkar | Created at: 26.04.2021


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