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If you are an enthusiastic person and want to start your career in the call boy job business but you are still confused about how to do it. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment in this.

Whether you want to make money or just want some fun, male escorts jobs become the perfect and popular way to get both things at the same time. Many people want to do a job in this job but are confused. So here in this article, I share 3 key features that can help you see, perfect for a male escort job or not!

The real description of call boys -

I know many of you have heard of the word “male escort jobs”, and many of you have already read thousands of articles in it. But still most of you do not know about the real and real meaning of the gigalo service. Here it is


In simple terms, an escort man is someone who gives their time and work in exchange for money. It could be by providing relationships with Indian women who are looking for men or fulfilling their physical dream in bed.

3 suggestions for you to apply for a male escort job -

Now let’s talk about 3 important things that can help you decide if you’re ready for the job or not.

Most people who join a Hyderabad escort service can either earn money or find physical happiness, but most of them have failed to get it in the end due to a lack of knowledge and skills. Here are three key skills or precepts you need to succeed in this task -

1. You are ready to give friendships -

Giving a partner is a very basic feature of the escort service in Hyderabad, as in this job your main job is to give your time to women who are looking for a man to fulfill their life’s emptiness. So you need to be strong in providing the company.

2. He fully understands women and loves to make new friends -

In this job, you often have to deal with a variety of women such as widows, divorcees, housewives, young unmarried girls, and you need to make them physically happy. So understanding them and their behavior such as body language, eye contact, and so on can help you become a better gigolo call boy.

3. You have a good idea to dress -

Finally, the concept of dress carries an important element in this work. Most of the time you need to wear different types of clothing according to your client’s choice. In this way, you can have a positive impact on your first encounter with a woman who is looking for a man in your city.


Here I give a chart showing how these 3 things are important for success in male escort jobs in Hyderabad -

The process of finding and joining a call boy job -

Now, most of you should be wondering what the process of joining these escorts in Hyderabad in India. Joining a call boy job is an easy process compared to getting it. So here I share step by step how you can find and join call boy sex work -


  1.  Search and discover the entire online job provider website for guys who work online.
  2.  Visit them one by one and find the one that best suits you.
  3.  Visit their website and register on their registration form.
  4.  Provide your actual photo-like text, address proof to use your profile.
  5.  Receive calls or messages from customers on your WhatsApp boy number.
  6.  Fill in their need and earn money.


By following this simple step-by-step procedure you can sign up for a giglo service in Chennai or in any other major city in India.


The giglo club has the potential to bring more money into your bank account. By fulfilling the needs and fantasies of women you can fulfill all your dreams and you can easily live the way you like. Make sure you search well and find some of the best and most authentic websites that offer services for guys like Desireplayboys to get all the benefits of this job.


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Author: Siya Sarkar | Created at: 20.04.2021


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