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Funny. I have had no violations in the past. Believe me, I wrote a sincere but not angry note telling them that I have never bot and that even if I had botted osrs infernal cape, why should I even bother to file an appeal? If I bot, I would simply go on and create a new one.

It’s true, I have not purchased gold or visited any website where you can buy gold. Additionally, I’ve not violated any rules. I don’t mean to be angry however, this is a joke. I have put a lot of effort into this game. My biggest fear at the moment is I was compromised and someone totally messed up my account, if that’s the scenario… Oh my God… I don’t know where to start.

Not that I am addicted to this game, because it is true that I rarely have enough time to play however I have played the game on and off since I was ten years old. I am now 19 which is a total of ten years I have put work into this game, and wasted many hours of my time.

And it cannot end with me being banned from the game for legibility, something I did not do. In my appeal I declared the truth and swore on my life that I have not messed up. If they can prove of a program being used Cheap OSRS Fire Cape, then I have to have been hacked.

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Author: Nfkja sfas | Created at: 31.10.2021


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