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For this, you should fill your supply with prayer potion as well as around 4 combat potions too. Do your best to live the longest time possible OSRS Gold, which will give you a better point amount. As custom hard rumble is your best chance to earn exp is recommended to go with this method.

In the selection of bosses, choosing melee only bosses will be optimal prior to getting absorptions, and then selecting the rest after getting potions. The points scale up with the boss that are enabled, so we’d like to have as many as possible.

During minigame we will face an endless stream of bosses that will come at us from every direction. There are some power-ups that are available from time to times on the floor to aid us in our fight. White The Ultimate Force - Kills everything in the room.

It also awards no exp in exchange for the killings. Purple - Zapper is a damage-dealer that deals additional damages every couple of seconds. Red - Recurrent Damage - Adds extra damage per hit. Red - Energy Surge It continuously regenerates an attack that you can use for up to 45 seconds.

If you’ve already accumulated Absorption potions and overdoses, The only boss that could destroy you is corrupt Lizardman. You should deactivate him so they can’t take you down Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. There are also others bosses which can be tricky to kill but should be active since they give excellent bonus points. However , if your account is over your points and want to have an easier time in your dreams, deactivate them.

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Joshua Curd 7 months

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