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There aren’t enough players. It’s a nightmare when you enter the cave and discover that there are three more players. However, the top-right corner of the screen reads “Not enough Players”. I would like to make it simpler to only need players with 30 levels to beat you. New arenas: Now you can select between five arenas. Let me know if you have ideas for new arenas. Thank you!

Okay… I have an idea. When you’ve got enough HQ to be able to take on the challenge, you could join in. It will require 6 barricades as well as a 200-step field. A fortress is also needed. The new versions are more comprehensive than previous versions and are worthy of being called “dragon”. The chapter’s end includes the level 500 Rorgon. Rorgon is a dragonkin. Wyvoch, Nesazi, and Rorgon are the three characters that you met in the final scene of While Guthix sleeps. Rorgon is located in a multicombat area and you should bring your friends. He teleports and leaves things on the ground instead of dying.

While I would love to submit my suggestion directly to Runescape, it’s not feasible. I’m not a member, but a free player. This is an idea that is available to everyone RC members. Are you seeking an easier way to boost your stats once you’ve completed all of your member’s or quests for free?

My plan is to develop an opportunity to earn skills through a side-quest. These side-quests can only be completed after you’ve completed the quests: Cooking, crafting, firemaking. Magic, fishing mining, prayer, running, rangecrafting. Smithing. Woodcutting. These side-quests available to members are only available when you have reached a certain quest level (this depends on the Runescape Staff).

Example of a side-quest: Once you’ve completed all of your free quests, you’ve reached a an unsatisfactory amount of prayer, and it is extremely difficult to get massive bones from other players. The monastery will have one monk who can help you.

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