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seems that there are more startups than selling software or software software-a-service (SAS) solutions.

It seems that there are more startups than selling software or software software-a-service (SAS) solutions. One of the challenges of B2B sales, especially for companies that sell software, is that you have to be careful with your prospects. Some key sales pitches and sales pitches that you think are too important may not have the desired effect. In fact, some of your <a href=””>software marketing</a> messages may drive customers away.

Below are some of the most common B2B software marketing messages that scare customers, as well as information on how to better deal with these situations.

  1. “Our solution will save Great Roy!” Every business invests, but the term “investment” is sometimes used in conjunction with “a great clear commitment is needed” or “does not pay long-term.” Also, if you declare that your software is getting a great ROI, you may inadvertently put a lot of pressure on your prospect. You don’t even know who you are or what you’re selling or why it’s important. Instead of emphasizing ROI, find more cautious and specialized ways to talk about how your product can help customers improve their position, through cost savings or productivity benefits. Don’t frighten customers at the gate if you are thinking of investing heavily in your software solution. It definitely needs to be discussed, but not now. Your first focus should be on how your compromise will help them. Prizes may come later.


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  1. “Our solutions provide complete transparency in your business process!”

This is a difficult question. Who doesn’t want to know more about what’s going on in their business processes so they can identify problems and build efficiency? Well, one of the dirty secrets of selling B2B SaaS is that many business process owners don’t really want transparency. You don’t know how much billing other people in the organization have, how many businesses are in the pipeline, or how productive they are. Transparency is a big selling point for C-level executives, but often those directors and directors who do not manage those departments. The impact of internal politics and turf wars affects your sales success as much as it does on the actual quality of your product.

Handle this situation carefully, depending on your target audience. When talking to a CEO or CFO, make sure you are talking about transparency. However, if you are selling to a line manager or a sub-manager who owns a specific business process that is more influenced by your software solution, talk more specifically about how software can improve a person’s performance without Be prepared. Promise transparency. That they feel they have no advantage.

”. Our software is fully optimized!” “Customized sounds like a good selling point, but not every customer will agree. Often a setup and implementation process is required, and there are additional consultation and integration costs along the way. Not every customer wants all the lls nt and whistle; Sometimes they just want a simple compromise that has proven to work for other organizations in similar situations.

When you aggressively sell “fully customized” software, you can scare people into believing that you are proposing an expensive or complex business that they want or need more than they need. Be prepared to meet where your buyers are. Don’t assume that everyone wants the perfect package

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Author: MIKA HAWKINS | Created at: 12.10.2020


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