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As the search engines today, are the most dependable source to get any information on the web. In today's competitive world, many smaller issues put a great impact on the ranking of the website and if left unattended play a big role in the negative ranking of your page.

How do search results get affected?

To maintain a sustainable ranking and visibility on search engines, we must ensure to keep with industry trends and respond to changes in search results. As these hidden SEO ranking factors negatively affect our pages. As the scenario of the search engine keeps on changing whenever Google releases an updated artificial intelligence search algorithm. So, there is always a need to stay updated and alignment of content as per the need of users.

Some other factors which affect our search results are: Bad comments on articles Slow/poor speed of the website Incomplete/broken links Duplicate information on the website

Ways to optimize search results

Create a user-friendly website with specifically targeted content. Provide the audience with the expected content. Search for relevant keywords as per the web traffic. Start increasing your social engagement Start working on backlinks.

Why do search results get affected?

Due to increased personalization on Google, it tremendously affects the search results and only shows the basis of the results on research history and preference of a person and not as an overall. Search results differ from computer to computer.

This means two different individuals get different results while searching at the same place. Some of the main reasons are: User’s geographical location User’s personal search history Type of browser Type of device for searching Type of search you are doing

Effective search tips to help through a search engine

Search rankings keep on shifting multiple times a day on its own. So, by keeping these effective search tips in usage, you can improve your ranking: Before starting any search, it is advisable to clear all cache, cookies and all the history as it gives you the fresh slate to start Use google chrome in incognito mode as it keeps your identity private and provides you the fair result. Try to use different browsers to get better information.   Conclusion

It is advisable to remember that the information available on search engines keeps on updating daily and is never truly complete. So, it requires proper attention to the strategies of search engine optimization, which eventually leads to higher click-through rates, the appearance of website links, greater visibility on the search engine platforms.   Moreover, in case of unfamiliarity with the intricate-workings of SEO, it is better to take the advice and help of a professional SEO agency, we have years of professional experience in serving our clients and helps them with improving SEO scores, website content, design and functionality as well.    


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Author: Megha Tiwari | Created at: 04.08.2020


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