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A simple search for relationship advice on the internet will these days bring you back many tips and ideas that are simply not true. The number of pages there are with advice on relationships and dating is in the millions.

It is therefore really difficult to know what is right with all this choice. I think that the most important thing to remember here is to make sure that your common sense comes into play when you are going through the info.

In my personal experience, I have seen some information that is frankly so bad it would never work out for you. Like the sites that advise you to begin a full blown new relationship with someone else to make your ex jealous, it’s ridiculous really.

This sort of action will almost never be successful. It is important to think about what the consequences of a rebound relationship will be. Worst case scenario will be that you and this new partner have a child, the chances of your ex being able to deal with something like this are slim.

I suggest that you avoid ways of making your ex jealous; any website that promotes this idea should just be ignored. If you want to get your ex back then the last thing you want to do is drive them further away from you.

Also not a good idea is the websites that give you tips on how to ‘seduce’ your ex into coming back to you. The aim behind this is to somehow charm your ex back to you with some ground breaking lines.

This will have less of a success rate than the jealousy tactic. Of course the odd few lucky people might get a positive reaction, but in general people just end up looking stupid. You are more likely to look like a fool in front of your ex than someone they desire again.

It’s important to really think about any actions you make because one wrong move could ruin your chances of getting your ex back. So before putting any of the information you read into practice have a long logical think about whether or not you think it will help. Founder <a href=””></a>

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Author: Martha Clark | Created at: 18.10.2021


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