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If you are hoping to reach the higher rankings in the search engine results, then you might want to think about changing up the look of the page. There are many ways that a new website design India can help you along with having some new content put up. Here are a few things that you would need to know about how these 2 things can have a direct affect on the ranking of your page.

How Design Affects Ranking

You might not know it, but the look of your current page is something that will have a determination on the ranking that you get. This is because it will help to bring in more viewers, which can turn into customers over time. Here is how having a new look on the page can affect your rank, including:

  • Attracting visitors – When you have a new look or feel for the page, then you are going to attract more visitors and more potential customers.
  • Fast loading – Also, when you change how the page looks and feels, then you are going to see that it will load faster. The experts can help you with this and they can even add some elements and images at the same time.
  • User experience – Another thing to consider is how the user is experiencing the page, which means you need to look at it from that angle as well. The more seamless the experience is going to be, then the more viewers will come to the page.
  • Mobile responsive – You should also make sure that any expert that you are hiring is going to be able to help you with ensuring that your page is mobile responsive. This is extremely important these days since a majority of the searches are done on mobile devices like phones or tablets.

Make sure that you are aware of just how the rank can be affected by the new look as well as the feel of your page.

How Content Affects Rank

One of the things that you need to make sure that you are concentrating on is content and how it can affect your ranking in the search engines. There are many things that you can use to help achieve a bigger rank, including:

  • Post regularly so that the viewer knows you are consistent
  • Use longer content, which should be around 2000 words
  • Don’t spam the content with keywords
  • Post informative content that covers a wide variety of topics
  • Use various types of content like videos, images and more
  • Can easily be posted and shared on various social media sites
  • Use of guest posts can give you higher quality backlinks

These are only a few of the best ways that keeping your content updated and changed will help your ranking. Go ahead and start getting the content ready so that you can update it on a regular basis with information that will help your customers and viewers.

There is so much that you would need to know about website design India, including why getting a new look along with fresh content can help your ratings. Not only will it mean that you can use new keywords, but you can also bring in more viewers when the page loads faster. You would also be able to add whatever you want so that the customer gets what they need, especially in terms of content. Let the experts do what they do best and they can give you the required advice about what you should be doing, including ensuring the page is mobile responsive.

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Author: Mansi Rana | Created at: 14.05.2019


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