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One of the most frequent questions from those who are just learning about cryptocurrencies are questions like “Why do you need Bitcoin?”, “What are the advantages of Bitcoin?”, “What can Bitcoin give me?” Since it can be difficult to identify the most important advantages of cryptocurrencies in each specific case, here is a list of its advantages: 1. Zero or very low fees Commissions practically do not depend on the amount transferred or on the location of the sending and receiving parties. Transactions are often free. The commission is required only when forming technically large transactions that load the network, or very small amounts in order to avoid an attack on the network by spamming a huge number of meaningless transactions. Also, there is no subscription fee, limits and other restrictions. 2.24/7/365 Think about your business, not when the bank is at the weekend or lunchtime. If you wanted to send a transfer at 3 am on Sunday, it means that it will be sent at 3 am on Sunday.

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Author: lianot lian | Created at: 23.12.2020


esmer es 26 days

There are certainly many advantages to Bitcoin. This is why I decided to convert xmr to btc and I'm sure I made the right decision. Because bitcoin is the most reliable cryptocurrency. In addition, compared to national currencies, no one monitors cryptocurrency transfers. Everything happens in complete anonymity

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