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Find out the best tips and tricks to save money on Magento extensions development. We have listed all the useful Magento website extensions to help you save time and efforts also.

Have you built up an online Magento store and looking for adding new functionalities to it? If you are a startup not having enough budget, you may have to struggle with investing in paid Magento extensions for adding the desired feature to your ecommerce store. Startups and small business owners can look for free Magento extensions to save a lot of money and run the online ecommerce store successfully.

There’s no doubt that Magento 2 is far better than its predecessor. It comes with new technologies, offers more flexibility, and improved performance to the developers as well as users. Companies have started feeling more comfortable to get onboard with Magento 2.

There are different Magento 2 store extensions available for accounting, payments, security, live chat, sales, price comparison, reporting and analytics, pricing, email marketing, POS, marketing automation, and a lot more. You can choose the best free extensions and get started.

We’ve listed some of the tops ways in which you’ll be able to save a few grands on Magento:


Magento Marketplace has a lot of extensions to choose from. For instance, if you are looking for an extension for adding a Live chat on your Magento store, you can install free extensions and you’re sorted. The major benefit of choosing extensions from Marketplace is that you would get genuine extensions and it ensures that the extension would be coded well enough to run smoothly.


Some ecommerce website owners check the ratings and judge the extensions on Magento Marketplace or external places. Read the client reviews and expert advice and then make the right decision. People who may have used Magento extensions may have written something for it. Reach out to detailed testimonials and make the best choice when it comes to picking extensions for your ecommerce store.


If you are a layman, you may need help with using extensions. Check the demo videos of the leading extensions and read user guides to get an idea about the functioning of extensions. Understand the functionality of the extensions before installing them.


If you want to add some out-of-the-box feature to your Magento ecommerce store, then you may not be able to find the right suitable extensions for it. You may have to look for a reliable Magento development services provider company that can customize the existing extensions or even create new ones from the scratch to add the desired feature to your eCommerce store.


You should get excellent customer support from the service provider. You may get stuck somewhere and so, you may require support from the team. Find out what kind of customer support is offered by the professionals.

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Author: Kevin Peterson | Created at: 25.09.2020


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