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Add the desired functionality with the right Magento 2 extensions. We have huge expertise in Magento extension customization and development.

Magento merchants are the luckiest people as the platform offers a lot of extensions that can be used to add the desired functionality and features to the store. It is a known fact that Magento ecommerce stores can make upto 60-80% of more sales as compared to other CMS platforms.


If you have decided to add a new functionality to your Magento ecommerce store, the first thing you should ask yourself is what the purpose behind it is. Whether you choose a ready made Magento extension or a paid one, you should check out all the features and make the right decision. There are many Magento website development companies that can build extensions from the scratch.

If you’re still confused for using Magento extensions for your ecommerce store, here are 3 most popular extensions you can install and enjoy the benefits:


Magento 2 One Step Checkout is a useful eCommerce extension that facilitates checkout process. Customers can pay for the orders quickly and your conversion rate would increase to a great extent. This extension provides all the information such as shipping address, payment methods, and other details on checkout page and helps your customers save a lot of time and efforts. With all the required information on single page, the payment process becomes simpler and easier.

Magento 2 one step checkout extension helps to reduce the dropped carts by 60-70% and increases conversion rates by 40%. This extension will bring more revenue to your Magento 2 store. With one step checkout, you can escalate sales with complete customer satisfaction.

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Author: Kevin Peterson | Created at: 29.09.2020


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