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User-friendly mobile apps give modern businesses a competitive advantaged. Therefore, more and more companies invest pots of money into building their applications. Unfortunately, not all apps are created equal. Some of them take the market by storm, while others are rarely downloaded. Why does it happen? The answer is poor promotion. What is mobile marketing? Start-ups and small businesses are often short of money, so they are trying to save on marketing and just hope that people will notice their apps and become loyal customers. If you are about to launch an app but your budget is restricted, this article will help you out! Don’t Forget about In-Store Promotion If you are running a brick-and-mortar store, it’s time to leverage foot traffic. Place a Google Play sign and/or a QR code in your window in order to inform customers about your mobile app. Alternatively, you can place this code on your business cards and give them out to your clients. Capitalize on LinkedIn & Facebook Facebook and LinkedIn are perfect for reaching a wide audience. They have users from different industries and markets, so it’s very likely that your target customers are also there. To make important connections, look for groups appealing for your ideal customers. Post on those groups telling people why your app is great and which benefits it provides. When it comes to big groups, you can contact the admin and negotiate a partnership, which will help you promote an app. Go Local Attend local events and conferences to find potential users of your app. Have brief conversations with them and give out your business cards. Tell people that their feedback is very valuable for you and offer them some incentives, i.e. free trial. Comment on Relevant Blogs Do your homework and find blogs relevant to your app. For example, if you are in the travel industry, check blogs promoting trips and giving tips for travelers. Then identify the opportunity to add some value to blog entries by commenting on them. It’s essential to give good insight and provide a link to your website or landing page. Leverage Influencers’ Power By working with influencers, you can drive massive traffic to your mobile app page. To find influencers in your industry, go to Buzzsumo and check which content is hot and who has created it. After you find the needed people, reach them and try to make them interested in your app so that they agree to promote it. You can either pay for promotion or ask them to share if your advertiser's mobile app keywords are relevant to them.
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Author: Kathryn Proffitt | Created at: 26.06.2019


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