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Do you study at school? Then you should know how to cope with stress during study

Every important event in our lives or a defined period of time always goes with stress.  The older you get, the more stress you feel. Study at college or university is fun and challenging life experience, but at the same time, it is full of daunting tasks that cause tense anxiety.

Some learners are afraid of test anxiety and some of them can’t acquire time management skills. Numerous writing assignments, essay papers always increase stress levels. Sometimes students turn to experienced writers and sometimes they strive to cope with tasks on their own. Students feel overwhelmed, because of a number of tests and papers they have to fulfill in the remaining days before the deadlines.

It is impossible not to have stress in student life, but it is possible to keep stress in check and relax when you need to.

1. Time Management

Managing your time is an essential element of successful learning and an effective tool to reduce stress level. College is a great opportunity to learn how to organize priorities and manage the time you have. More time management - less stress. Plan your time and follow the schedule.

If you have to two weeks before the test, start preparing right now: every day set aside some time to revise the lectures, read the material, etc. That will help relax because after the hard work you will have well-deserved rest and be able to watch your favorite movie or go that new café.

2. Have Good Sleep

It is necessary to have a sleep schedule as well because being at college means having a hot timetable. Getting good sleep is something that helps the mind stay refocused, recharged, and re-balanced. There are many options to choose – take a quick nap in the afternoon, go to bed early on Fridays and Sundays, or stick with a regular sleep schedule. Sometimes, good sleep is all a student needs to hit the ground running amidst a stressful period.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Proper nutrition is essential and extremely important for our bodies and our health. If you eat junk food, drink too much soda, you fuel your body inappropriately – that may cause physical stress. Try to have a balanced and healthy menu, eat fruits and veggies, whole grains, protein. Besides, there is a strong connection between what you eat and how you perform at college.

4. Physical Activity

Some students say that they do not have enough time for sleep and a healthy menu, so they definitely do not have time for the exercise routine. It makes sense, but sport is the thing that reduces stress level in an effective way. Exercise does not necessarily have to last three hours and be an exhausting workout at the local gym.

Some students like walking in the central park and listening to the favorite music, some of them prefer morning running or choose swimming. Physical activity helps reload and take a different approach to some stressful situation.

5. Do Not Be Alone

As we said hereinabove, almost all the people feel stressed from time to time. Your friends or classmates may feel the same as you. Why not talk about your concerns with them? Think about sharing your worries with a family member or a trusted friend, who will be able to listen.

If you need extra assistance in certain study issues, consider visiting an experienced mental-health professional. If the college or studies produced stress, ask your college’s academic tutoring center for study help. There is no need to suffer in silence and on ownsome – there is always a way to avoid and fight stress.

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Author: Katherine J. Page | Created at: 20.04.2017


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