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Thinkific vs Teachable vs Kajabi which one will be perfect for your online business?

When you’re creating a course you have a lot of options between what platform to use so I’m going to compare three of the most popular course platforms out there. If you’re new here my name is Jess and I create videos every single week for business owners like you to help you save time and look good online and today I’m really digging into the course platforms that are right for you.

In your business, so we’re gonna be comparing teachable think if kajabi.  So let’s start by talking about teachable I think this is the most well known platform out of the three and it’s the lowest cost so as a creator this platform is the easiest to start with because they actually have a free planthat has all the features you need to create and sell a course. What’s also really great about teachable is they have a lot of support and trainings and community they do a lot of webinars and ongoing education for people who are using teachable. I personally have used teachable before in my business and found it pretty easy to use. 

I didn’t love the design options though I feel like the interface could really use some updating just in terms of looking more modern next. lets talk about think if  this is what I currently use for my courses, so I’ll link to that below in case you just want to see the difference and what it looks like as an outsider the reason that I chose think epic is that it does have better design options.

I feel like it has a more updated look and even though it does cost more, and they do have a free plan but it’s really limited even thought he monthly cost is more than teachable the payout is better because there are no transaction fees like there are unteachable and as I already said the interface is a little bit better. 

I think both as the creator and as a student and the third option is kajabi and what really sets kajabi apart is that it’s like an all-in-one solution you can have your website emails courses memberships all in one place you don’t have to have all these different platforms to you have your different offers. Kajabi have much features for designing. You can hire Kajabi Web Designer to build awesome kajabi website for your online business.

You can have it in one location which I will say I am NOT a fan of I do not recommend my clients ever have everything in one place because what if their servers go down for day then you don’t have access to it, you don’t have access to your site your email your courses and your membership but like I said it’s all in-one, so they have great templates for landing pages in your website and they also have which is something the others don’t have is an automated evergreen webinar so you can really have your.

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Author: Kajabi Web Designer | Created at: 17.10.2020


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