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Have you been chasing your own tail in your B2B campaigns? Well! You have put the best effort among others in your campaigns. However, only gain a little. The reason is very simple. Your lists have been decayed. Here is where appending comes into play.Phone appending services has been one of the most preferred appending services marketers prefer to conduct direct marketing campaigns.

Phone Appending is the next preferred appending services after email appending.  But the rise in tele-marketing campaigns has led to increase in the usage of Phone appending services. Some marketers even prefer for full profile appending and social media appending also. 

What is Phone Appending?  

You may miss out on contacting crucial customers. There are higher chances of your targeted customers changing their emails or phone numbers. Phone appending is the process of updating the lost business phone numbers to the latest business phone numbers.  

Why is Phone Appending crucial?  

“If you don’t update your contacts, your business contracts.” 

This quote is a wise statement for data-driven B2B businesses. It is worth investing the amount in data. But, it may not be a viable option to invest in poor quality data. Direct marketing takes your campaign to the next stage. It creates better opportunities to build enhanced customer relationship.   

Benefits of Phone Appending Data Services:

There are numerous benefits of utilizing phone appending database apart from updating your old contacts. Here are some of them.

  • Enables better multi-channel marketing strategy that increases your customer engagement rate 
  • Reduces the data redundancy  
  • Helps you plan your campaigns with a holistic view of customers  
  • Phone appending is an economical option compared to the collation of phone number data appending.  
  • Increases the deliverance rate of emails to the inbox of your target prospects 

How can ProDataLabs help you with Phone Appending?

ProDataLabs has been successfully doing appending services for over a decade. If you have phone number and name but want the other details of the customers, we would do reverse phone appending. If you have additional information, but the phone number is missing, then we would do regular phone appending.  

Benefits of Phone Appending Database from ProDataLabs:

  • Improve the productivity of your direct marketing campaigns 
  • Reduce the costs incurred on marketing and win a high ROI 
  • Establish and build a long-term relationship with your targeted customers 
  • Execute your targeted marketing campaigns with zero delays and hidden costs  

How should I get Phone Appending Services from ProDataLabs?  

You have to send or upload your contact database to us. We will do the rest.  

How are we different?  

We follow an automated process of matching the records with the master database. Then the records that got missed in the automated appending would be verified and appended in manual appending process. Some companies rely entirely on either manual or automated appending that doubles up their data management costs.  

Our mix of automated and manual appending can erase away all the data that was outdated. It increases the sales revenue and brings in new sales leads to your campaigns.  

Our appended database fosters your response rates and levels up your marketing campaigns effectively.   

To nurture your relationship with an authentic crowd- Contact us for Phone Appending now! 

Call us : 6692936020

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Author: Jeff Hemsword | Created at: 19.09.2019


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