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Being myself a parent, I understand the complexities of this responsibility but I’ve managed to get success in the job. So I decided to share my secrets with the world

Being a parent puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You not only need to nourish the academic needs of your kids but you also need to nurture the intellectual and moral facets of your kid. It is about adding on the overall grooming of your kids as well as giving them the right kind of exposure. However, parenting is a tricky job and you have to ensure the right balance.

Being myself a parent, I understand the complexities of this responsibility but I’ve managed to get success in the job. So I decided to share my secrets with the world. Here they are:

1.     I Give Some Freedom to Your Kids

Being a helicopter mother doesn’t help the kid. To make your child more independent, you need to stop spoon feeding him and make him constantly need your validation for every trivial matter. You need to give your kid a freedom of choice to some extent so that they are able to make their life decisions on their own.

So don’t dominate the lives of your kids and let them take the matters in their own hands whether it is about making food or doing the dissertation writing. That’s how I’ve done with my kids and that’s how I’ve seen them grow.

2.     I Let My Kids Voice Their Opinions

Kids want to explore the world, especially when they are in their formative years. They are passionate about live and want to speak their heart on things that excite them.

 Unfortunately, the parents silence their kids whenever they chip in a conversation. But that severely limits the intellectual growth of kids and affects their ability to think.

I always encourage my kids to question things and debate over a subject so that they don’t make false assumptions and form opinions on facts.

3.     I Allow My Kids To Engage in Creative Activities

Kids have a raw mind that keeps exploring new ideas and better ways of doing things. It is commonplace to see kids doodling something on the wall or making sand castles. This is just their way of expressing the ideas in their mind. But for some parents, it is just a waste of time and something that turns off their mood.

By stopping kids from trying out the different ideas, we put a stop to the creative outlet of the kids and they internalize their feelings and ideas.

I’ve always been encouraging to my kids and always motivate them to express themselves even if that means drawing graffiti on the walls or doing some food art in the kitchen. In this way, I let my kids express their ideas and exercise their creative thoughts.

4.     I Allow Them To Make Mistakes

Being parents, we sometimes become unfair to our kids when we inadvertently give them an aggressive look or hurtle nasty words which tear apart their confidence.

I have some really pesky kids and they make my life hell every day. Over the course of the day, they do thousands of mistakes and the only thing that I need to say to them is “It’s okay”. These words are a validation for them to make mistakes and I insinuate them the thought that it is okay to make mistakes.

5.     I Let Them Do Things By Themselves

Kids want to do things themselves. I always encourage my kids to do things on their own. They eat the food themselves. They run the errands. They do the dishes themselves. This not only helps them learn new skills but also make them more independent. So they don’t have to give you a shout if they want to do something while you are away.

For me, it is a big sigh of relief as I’m a working mom and I’ve taught my kids to live without my constant presence.

Being a parent doesn’t mean you dictate your kid all the time. The essence of being a good parent is to allow your kid to become independent and confident and this where these tips come into play. Therefore, you should practice these tips in your daily lives to help your kids become more independent.

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Author: Jasmine Demeester | Created at: 01.12.2018


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