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The year 2020 has been quite a rollercoaster. From unexpected celebrity deaths to a global pandemic that stalled the whole world, it’s almost like we can wait to go back to normality. In recent weeks we’ve seen that sense of normality come back as non-essential businesses begin to open and transport networks encourage passengers back on their vehicles.

It’s been a stressful last few months so the last thing your employees will need when they return back to work is further stress mounting from their workload. If you’re in a position to allow your office employees back to the workplace, consider the impacts they may have had with their mental health and ways you can help them easing back into the office.

In particular, breakout rooms are a perfect way to ensure employees can step away from their workload and recharge their batteries for the next lap of working. Incorporating a breakout room in your office can reap many benefits for you and your employees so here are some handy tips for your breakout room and what you can consider implementing.

Keep in an open space

The last thing an employee needs after working the first half of their hectic shift is feeling more enclosed and claustrophobic in a breakout space. It can subconsciously make them feel as though it’s a space that’s restricted and only has access at certain times.

Prevent this by keeping your breakout room as open as possible. It can encourage staff to step away from their work when they need it and take a well-earned break. Whilst keeping one section of the floor as a work area, make the most of tiles or carpet design that help to section of breakout spaces, without actually sectioning it off.

Incorporate a lounge area

Nothing says total relaxation than being able to lounge on a designer sofa after a long day’s work. Okay, so you don’t want your employees to go into complete holiday mode whilst you’re at work, but they will want to utilise the hour they have during their lunch break.

Providing a space that’s casual and relaxing for employees will allow them to feel more at ease when it comes to taking their break or even working at a different station. Many employees tend to prefer the flexibility in their work hours and have a change of scenery from a regular desk. 

Provide coffee

More often than not, employees will take a break from their desk when they’re looking to grab a cup of coffee. Adding a coffee machine to your breakout space is a great way to encourage them to get up off their chair and take a break from their work. It’s also a great way to have your employees engage in conversations and form relationships with one another. This can be ideal for promoting interaction between coworkers and increasing productivity for the whole team.

Breakout room ideas for your room

Whilst it’s been an odd experience for many of us with our employment, now is the time to invest your money and time into your employees. They’re what makes the company successful and without them during this difficult time it’s questionable whether your existence would have even lasted during the pandemic. As a thank you to them, show them you care by incorporating a breakout room in your office. 

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Author: Jamie Costello | Created at: 17.07.2020


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