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Streetwear has been a recent phenomenon in the clothing industry, reshaping the market as the new style for young and older generations. Many luxury focused brands are bucking the trend and providing exclusivity and expensive collections within streetwear. Known as the “hypebeast effect” has made a big impact on the streetwear market. Here are some of the biggest trends within streetwear that are currently swarming the high street.

Oversized tees

Oversized brands such as Off-White and Heron Preston have adopted something of a trademark with their styles in streetwear. In particular, their oversized tees are increasingly popular as a clothing design as many brands have started to use this style for their own mens graphic t-shirts designs. A large influence of this has come from the rap culture which regularly sees artists wearing oversized clothing.


One big influence in the streetwear branding trend is the use of collaborations between two brands that create an exclusive clothing item. These limited editions are rather unique within the streetwear clothing industry with many purchases seeing sky-rocketed prices for these special edition items that everyone’s waiting for.

Influence of sneakers

Sneakers have been a core business model within the streetwear industry. A prime example of where this side of the market was completely reshaped was with Kanye West and his brand “Yeezy”. This range was considered extremely exclusive for users and prices are now reaching almost £1000 and limited numbers are released when they’re released. 

The fashion market has changed considerably since the introduction of luxury streetwear and designer fashion. We’re expecting future markets to consist of independent brands that are targeting niche audiences within limited fashion ranges before stretching their product range.

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Author: Jamie Costello | Created at: 15.09.2020


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