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One of the largest influences in interest of plastic surgery on patients is social media. In particular, Instagram has exposed individuals to what is considered the “perfect” body shape and encouraging them to make changes to their appearance to improve their self-esteem. 

This makes it a no-brainer for plastic surgery business owners to promote their practice through Instagram. Many businesses still heavily engage in Instagram to promote their services in order to attract new and existing customers. So, how can you take advantage of the platform as a plastic surgeon? Here are 4 top tips to ensure you can make the most of the social network.

Provide quality content

As a plastic surgeon, your whole world revolves around aesthetic appearance so it’s important this is reflected in your images and social media photos.

Instagram thrives on images specifically, so to make sure that your profile stands out be sure that your photos are of high resolution. If your images are blurry or poorly framed, regardless of how skilled you are as a plastic surgeon it’s unlikely that your followers will be interested. Make the most of filters and frames to enhance the appearance of the images.

Also, don’t just stop at before and after photos. Provide your followers with plenty of quality content including practice videos, meet the team profiles and behind the scenes. Just be sure you aren’t showing nudity as this is forbidden from Instagram.

Utilise hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to promote your business and increase its awareness. Without being able to use them, it’s unlikely anyone will find your posts and profiles. Hashtags were created specifically for social media use to grow awareness of content and as these are searchable, it’s important that you choose the correct hashtags to attract their right followers.

Research around other plastic surgeon profiles to understand what hashtags they use. Tag photos with specific procedure names that are commonly used by users but not too common that it gets buried in all the other posts that are using it too.

Tell stories to your users

One way to engage your users into your brand is by telling stories to your users. It should be more than simply posting images and videos, but providing quality captions that are more in-depth than what would be considered than the normal length can help to provide more information to your users than they were expecting. Just make sure that they’re not too long that they take the focus away from the photo.

Use your other social media channels too

You shouldn’t just stop on Instagram as a plastic surgeon. There are plenty of other social media networks where your brand could be promoted too. Make sure you’re on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Google+. 

Integrating these social media platforms can allow you to kill several birds with one stone each time you post. Whenever you make a post on Instagram, you can ask to share it on Twitter and Facebook too so the post becomes shared with many audiences rather than just the ones you have on Instagram. 

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Author: Jamie Costello | Created at: 12.08.2020


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