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Strategy management is all about planning, supervising, analysis, and appraisal of the essentials of an organization to fulfill the goals and objectives. In this, the strategies of the management team, who act as a replica of the owner, are applied to reach the ultimate goals in an organization. Strategy manager conducts SWOT analysis i.e. he/she is responsible for handling best usage of strengths, stop usage of the organization’s weaknesses, take complete advantage of opportunities and ignore the threats on the way to reach the targets. Employees influenced by strategy manager Science Assignment Help become more trustworthy, more committed and more satisfied. Strategy management is a continuous process that analyzes the newly evolved strengths and weakness of the organization and makes ready to face challenges in the environment.

The five stages of the strategic management process are

  1. Goal-setting- Goals in this phase are set to match your vision and to changeling the environment. They should be clear and detailed for a better understanding of organizational needs.
  2. Analysis- Gathering data which matches your vision. Perform analysis and escalate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may arise during the process.

Strategy Formation- After analysis, phrase strategies to eradicate the flaws developed during the analysis phase, and Dissertation Help Online derives alternate approaches.

  1. Strategy Implementation- Implement strategy plans at the beginning of this stage.  Check for funding and then start implementing the perfect strategies best suited to satisfy goals.
  2. Strategy Monitoring-This phase is done to escalate any internal and external issues raised during the process. Sometimes it is necessary to take counter actions to solve the issues and should not leave the idea of ultimate goals and objectives.

Strategy Science Assignment Help

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