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If you want to have some real adult fun and earn some good amount of money at the same time, then join as call boy in India. You can live your dream life and become financially independent after becoming a callboy.

Callboys are hired to provide sexual services to unsatisfied ladies in exchange for some monetary benefits. A callboy always tries to provide best service to his clients based on their need without any hesitation. Moreover, callboys never reveal their true identity during their work hour unless they can get in serious trouble. Callboy service is legal and safe in many major cities of India and those single boys who want to earn some extra money can join this service.

What is The Job of Callboy?

In many major cities of India high profile, rich, divorcee and sexually unsatisfied ladies always need a good male partner to come out from their lonely and troubled life. Moreover, they often visit many adult clubs and resorts to seek male companionship and pleasure.

These women are ready to pay hefty amount of money to callboys because they want sexual pleasure and some intimate action in bed. Many married women as well as single ladies who had a troubled relationship or not sexually satisfied with their partner should hire a callboy

 if they want to experience something new and exciting in their life. We at have the most sexually active and handsome callboys throughout India.

How to Apply for Callboy in India:

In order to become a callboy your age should be between 21–41 and you should be good looking, handsome, well behaved and full of sexual energy. You should be smart and do not hesitate to have intimate relationship with mature women.

Procedure To Join as a Callboy:

-First of all, fill up the registration form and provide your accurate details.

-After thoroughly checking all your details for callboy job

 press submit button.

-We will verify your details and if everything is perfect, we will call you.

-Discuss about your preferred location where you want to provide service,

-After successful registration you will receive your client request on your mobile number.

Click Here to begin the registration process right now.

Benefits of Callboy Job in India:

-Salary: You will get 15000–20000 for a one-night stand, 6000–12000 for short time i.e., 4–6 hrs.

-Working hour: You can provide service at any time of the day based on your requirement.

-Working place: You can meet your clients at lavish hotels, resorts and clubs and have fun.

-Incentives: You can get some extra money from your clients based on your performance and behavior.

How To Give Best Service as a Callboy?

Here are some useful tips on how to become an ideal callboy in India:

  • Always be polite and behave properly with your clients.

  • Provide your clients best callboy sex based on their need.

  • Be responsive and careful while performing sexual acts with your partner

  • Do not hesitate to meet strangers and always talk to them nicely.

We are very genuine professionals in the field of adult dating and constantly trying to improve our service in order to provide best adult dating service. So, if you are interested in joining our agency as a callboy then visit our website at or call our sales person on the number +91–9124259605.

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Author: Hunter Escort | Created at: 16.07.2022


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