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Contact Garkor by getting into the grass around Garkor’s feet. You can do this in any manner you like, there is no need to be a monkey. Don’t use the 10th squad sigil until are fully prepared for the final battle! In case you lose the last sigil, then you will have to meet with Garkor in a second time and then be sent back to the very ending of the Tunnel of Zoknock.

Waydar, Caranock and King Awowogei plotting.

Be aware that if you die during the fight, you’ll be respawned with the sigil, greegree , and your 3 most valuable items. Items lost can be saved by immediately teleporting back into the battle.

Jungle Demon fight is a difficult fight to conquer, so bank for the items you need. Full health and prayer points is an absolute must for this particular battle. Maging/ranging with a Dwarf multicannon or by luring the demon to join the 10th group of gnomes those are the best methods for defeating your Jungle Demon. All of these strategies have been tried and tested many times by different players, so select one that suits your way of play best. Bring lobsters or other quality foods, a one-click Teleport (just in case) and a bunch of prayer potions. Set up the protection feature of Magic before you teleport. It is recommended to take an antipoison drug in addition.

You should wear your sigil whenever you decide to begin the fight. Then, shortly after, you’ll be teleported to the Jungle Demon’s arena. To advance, defeat your Jungle Demon. You’ll get help from the 10th Squad gnomes, however, you must be the one who hits the final blow, or else the Demon will heal you for the equivalent of 25% max health.


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