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This is not the only way that could weaken the spirit of the tree. For example, if you bring a friend or other players to undertake the same quest the latter must not directly impact the tree spirit. Although, he should use to use the recoil ring required for this. If the person who is completing the quest suffers at least one injury at any point in the battle, that should accomplish the goal.

The tree is cut again to get the Dramen branch, after killing the tree spirit.

Note: Buy another Dramen branch should you be planning to go to The Fremenik Trials later. Do not make it a staff so that you can get it into Thorvald’s trial. Additionally, if you’re planning to free Sir Amik Varze from Recipe for Disaster, take another branch.

To get the Dramen staff, you must use a knife with the Dramen branch.

NOTE: Please avoid using magical doors, not unless YOLO and you’ll be transported to level 32 Wilderness.

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Items required: Dramen staff

Entry to Zanaris.

Return through your destination via the Lumbridge Swamp. If you prefer quick transportation, use Lumbridge Home Teleport. The small building is located at the bottom of the swamp while carrying your Dramen staff and you’ll land in Zanaris.


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