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The problem with the Druid is the fact that he doesn’t do anything better than any other class. Paladins can be more resilient and Sorceresses do more damage as well as Barbarians have superior mobility. However, the Wind Druid build deals physical damage in addition to magic, which makes it the only physical spellcaster. So there is at a minimum something the class can do better than many.

Necromancer.The Necromancer class is the most appropriate for players who are new to isometric ARPGs. The game lets Necromancers to summon skeletons right from the beginning, and lay the foundations for following the pattern of an Summonmancer build, one of the most powerful build types in Diablo 2: Resurrected. Once leveled up enough the necromancer has the ability to form an actual army of undead, able to handle the bulk of the combat chores.

The Necromancer is often sought-after by groups due his curse abilities which are the only ways to reduce barriers and degrade immunities. It’s quite valuable on its own, too, so that summoned units stay viable all game for a long time. Additionally, Corpse Explosion assures that the Necromancer will never be able to catch up with the difficulty threshold since damage is determined by the strength of enemy units. The stronger they are, the higher.

Sorceress.The Sorceress is an extremely impressive class and one of the fun one to play. This is because of her magic tree of skills that are incredibly versatile that are branched out into three types of spells: Fire, Lightning, and Cold. Their distinction between three distinct kinds of magic makes building quite simple for complete ARPG beginners.

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