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The ball carrier begins 20 yards from the finish zone The defense is positioned within the end zone. The defense doesn’t have the time or space needed to determine the best way to get in front of the player. We tried a variety of modifications to the chase logic before we were satisfied with how competitive AI players were. Our testing team was proficient in finding “money” strategies that could cause problems for an AI defense. When we identified where the weaknesses were and where the holes were, we were able to determine what the AI needed to do in order to create an actual threat.

Two-Minute Challenge

The is a game that requires you to be proficient in locating the receiver who is open and also in a position to protect the receivers of the opposing team. The offense features a QB as well as two receivers wide and the defense is manned by two backs who are defensive. On offense, you’re given 2 minutes in which to rack up the most points you can however all you have to do is to pass an object to any of the receivers. After two minutes have expired the team switches sides and the clock is reset to the opposing team. The primary issue in this game was having the AI protect to stop the ball in a difficult method.

Since we introduced wall-based catches in Madden NFL 23, players have the benefit of jumping off walls to take the ball before it is able to reach the original destination. We wanted to ensure that the defensive backs were clever enough to be able to climb the walls to get up the ball. “Smart sufficient” is a subjective concept and has to take into account the difficulty setting set by the player. After several weeks of fine-tuning the defense, we have reached a level that ensures the defense will keep the passing game engaging for the human player.

Begin the Trash Talk Begin

In addition to the options mentioned above, we’ve added four-on-four as well as quick strike to street games. The end result was that our tiny football engine proved very flexible. We even used some of the strategies we learned from street games and used this knowledge to make the standard seven-on-seven game even better. Personally I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time participating in each of these games with my colleagues. The amount of smack-talk that’s been generated by an uninvolved one-onone open field match-up will never be equalled by another game…ever.


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