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Fish seller cooked to perfection Keepa Kettilon (located in the general store)You should have 29.000 coins in total. It is possible to use the same options to pay the tax in additional tax-collecting rounds. After you’ve completed the tax collection, go back to the King Sorvott.

Kind is thrilled with the performance of your team and needs additional assistance with spying this time. You should return to Neitiznot to find where there is the Slug the spymaster is situated.You’ll also be paid 2.5k coins should the Slug will be happy with your answers. Pay a visit to K. Gjuki Sorvott IV. Update him on the progress of spying.

Traditional Fremennik Rituals

Items required: 3 yak-hides or a set containing yak-hide armour or 3 yak hides, thread and a need and 15 gold coins. Additionally, you will require a bronze nail, rope, an hammer, and two timber logs made of arctic pine, or the large Fremennik round should.

King Gjuki Sorvott is not always a skeptic to suggestions. This is what happened to The King Gjuki Sorvott III. He wasn’t prepared for an update that he was given However, he rejected any suggestions.

You must deliver the decree you receive directly from the King Mawnis Burowgar.

Following the announcement of the decree from the King Sorvott, Mawnis becomes extremely sad. Learn about the old Neitiznot rituals for warriors as a leader of his troops.Note: If you’ve got all three essential items in your inventory It is possible to skip creation of the shield and continue to talk directly to the king.


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