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In the early hours of Saturday morning Pacific time, we had an all-encompassing outage because of an abrupt and significant increase in traffic,” PezRadar explained. “This was a new threshold that our servers never experienced at all or even prior to the launch. The issue was made worse by an update that we put out earlier designed to improve performance during game creation. These two elements increased the load on our database globally and caused it to slow out.”

To ease the burden, Blizzard rolled back the Friday update, but the measure was not enough. A much greater increase in traffic led to another interruption on Sunday.

It was a different story on Monday as Blizzard fixed the Diablo 2’s backup global database and then tried to change it. After the switch was made, the database continued to run its backup processes and not respond to queries from servers located elsewhere.

That issue was fixed on Tuesday, but another high concurrent player count that occurred on the same day caused “degraded performance of the database” which engineers working on databases are trying on fixing. This is a serious issue such that Diablo 2: Resurrected team has roped in engineers from other departments of Blizzard to assist in fixing smaller issues while focusing on “core server issues.”

“We also reached out to our third-party partners as well,” PezRadar said.

It is interesting to note that Blizzard’s wish to preserve an authentic Diablo 2 experience in the remake is the major cause of all the issues. One “legacy service” in particular handles critical functions including “game creation/joining, updating/reading/filtering game lists, verifying game server health, and reading characters from the database.”


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