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The WoW Classic has been packed with players, which is obvious. If you are a player ready to experience the nostalgic feeling in WoW Classic, then when you finally get into the server for a few hours, you will find it hard to find enough space to get a satisfying experience, especially when you need it. Line up to get the right to kill monsters. Many players reflect this in the community and they express their frustration. The game director of World of Warcraft responded.

The biggest concern for players is why Blizzard does not continue to open more new servers to accommodate all players. Game director Ion Hazzikostas explains why fewer servers are more conducive to the future of WoW Classic than too many servers. ZZWOW provides the best service for all WoW Classic players! You can buy the cheapest WoW Classic Gold, the fastest WoW Classic Boosting Service, at ZZWOW. They have the most classal staff and customer service, you can rest assured to buy everything you need. Hazzikostas explains like this: Before the game was officially released, the development team began to consider how to ensure the long-term health of the gaming community, they realized that Undershot the mark in terms of launch servers, they could move quickly to add additional realms in the opening hours. However, if they open too many servers at the beginning of the release, after a few weeks or months, they will Faced with a serious problem that is difficult to avoid - some areas will be sparsely populated. Although the technical team also has solutions to the problems, such problems have caused great damage to the health of the game and should be avoided as much as possible. The current number of servers has been carefully selected by Blizzard, so that even after some time, some players’ enthusiasm diminished and gradually withdrew from WoW Classic, it can still ensure that each server has a healthy population. Blizzard added 20 new servers not long ago, and they said that until all servers are filled, no new servers will be added. All of these queues may be painful ass, but even if they are not immune from nostalgia, I would like to play classics and even more to see all these people respect each other’s tasks and make sure everyone gets a chance. So cute. Of course, the reality is more boring, so I think I will like it very much. Although the process of waiting in the queue is very painful, especially when you are at the end of the queue. But I am very happy to see so many cute players can respect each other’s tasks. I think I have started to like the atmosphere in WoW Classic, I believe you will fall in love with it. is a classal provider of third-party game services with many years of experience and a reputation among WoW players around the world. WoW Classic was officially released not long ago. If you need to buy cheap WoW Classic Gold or Boosting service, ZZWOW is your best choice. As long as you have enough WoW Classic Gold, you can buy whatever you need in the game.

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Author: Helodie Jaqucline | Created at: 11.09.2019


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