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It’s over. I’d like to see a FFXIV anime now. Are there any animators on the market who would want to devote years of their time to this? Crowdsource content from players as well as tie it in with WOW Classic TBC Gold lesser-used NPCs to create a unique spin. I’d love to think of something similar to that lol…writing an adventure for people all over the world to not only enjoy but enhance with their own tales.

This is by far the best commercial I’ve ever seen. Many commercials tell a little factual information, but they also wrap it with lots of bullshots. However, the only aspect that was inaccurate in that commercial were the target circles on the tree.

It’s refreshing seeing developers who can appreciate and buy WOW TBC Gold embrace the sandbox concept and allow their players to play however they wish, and not what they require from the developers.

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Author: Frye Jacob | Created at: 11.11.2021


Kasseyy Sk 3 months

This is not a direct assumption. The majority of TBC working in vain to combat the Legion or Illidan. Wrath is the only place where you can say you had proper training and exposure to war against the Scourge

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