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I need to know two things. The second, what is the most cost-effective method to OSRS gold make use of abyss? Buy about 5 glory’s to begin with even though you will be charging a lot - that will be 200k at 40k each(make sure you are done hero’s quest so you can recharge your glory).

Take a pickaxe or hatchet to the abyss and reach the rings within. After that, you can make use of the nature portal to build your nats. After that, teleport to edgeville and repeat. The abyss isn’t expensive to access, just glory and pure essence. You should extract your personal essence(dosen’t take long) and your set. As for making 200k If you don’t have it just pick some flax and make bowstrings from it and then sell it to the market. It’s a 1.5k bowstrings, I think.

Okay, here’s the story. My friend is a member of buy RuneScape Mobile gold an RS Classic acount that he was using before RS2 was released. His RSC stats were impressive. But, he claims to have quit prior to when RS2 came out. He returned after RS2 was out however, the password was lost. The recovery questions were no longer valid. It is odd that he has never used RS2 However the statistics are displayed on the highscores.

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Author: Frye Jacob | Created at: 27.11.2021


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