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Madden 22 will make the Super Bowl presentation different. After years of Mut 22 coins videos that show how to present the big Super Bowl trophy hasn’t changed much, Madden 22 will make it more exciting. The changes will be accompanied with updates to the broadcasting package, which include flyovers and a huge American flag.

Superfans will be at the stadium. Back in the days of Madden 12, crowd close-up shots were a major aspect of the game’s gameplay, only fading away when the PS4 and Xbox One rolled around. It’s ironic that close-ups of crowds were present in Madden 21 and Madden 22 will add them in the game, with “Superfans” who are cosplaying fanatics that act as the team’s symbol. There are plenty of such fans in real life, Fireman Ed will not take the lead in the JETS chants in Madden 22. EA declares that the expense of tracking them down as well as incorporating their images into the game is too much.

Face of Franchise is back The Face of Franchise is back. It’s not an entirely new concept by itself, but it’ll be a fresh story. The “United We Rise” version of the game will be released. Face of the Franchise is an intriguing story format, however, in the past two years it’s been criticized due to its length and lack of depth, as well as its sloppy dialogue. Graddy claims that the version this year must be better. “There was enough feedback from our fans and reviewers that they wanted more out of the story and more of the progression. So I believe what we’ll release over the coming weeks will be an outcome of some of those comments. I believe it will be a stronger Face of cheapest madden 22 coins the Franchise.”

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Author: Frye Jacob | Created at: 22.07.2021


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