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Centra REMS is a property management software built to support property managers in fulfilling all real estate business needs. It allows owners to take complete control of their residential or commercial properties put up for lease, ensure rents are collected on time, store contract information, keeps track of lease renewal or closure, plans and monitors preventive maintenance programs, manages prospects for faster sales conversions, and more.
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Author: Focus Softnet | Created at: 30.09.2020


Alexandra Reid 7 months

Rent Manager.
AppFolio Property Manager.
Rentec Direct.
MRI Residential Management.
ResMan Property Management.
I got this from Google.

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Alex Hitchen 7 months

Great information, thanks for sharing. I'm glad I found out about this software and I think it will make my work easier. To be honest, I am new to this business and I have only recently made real estate investments, but I want to optimize all the processes so that I can manage my business from anywhere in the world. Because I live in America and I am the owner of the property in varna from SUPRIMMO. Well, I love Bulgaria since I was a child, so I decided to open my business there and am happy to fly there several times a year to check how things are going. But I have a very reliable manager there, and I trust him with my business.

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Play max П about 1 month

Useful software, I saved it, thanks. I am planning to learn how to earn on real estate business, I even want to attend courses from Fortunebuilders, in spite of the ambiguous fortune builder reviews and multiple complaints.

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