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so I’ve used this strategy of simply,buying Instagram accounts monetizing,them

and in reinvesting their into,buying more pages to grow well over 1,million followers in a single year and,2017 alone sadly I was even younger and,sillier than I am now today and I sold,the accounts rather than hang on to them

,they would have been worth considerably,more if I’d keep them but today I’m,going to show you exactly how to buy an,account and strategies that I use to,both find and purchases safely and hang,on to them rather than getting scammed,like so many people do in this space and,today I’m gonna share that with you so,you can both safely and effectively buy,Instagram accounts if you’re new here,

I’m Josh I’m a 20 year old here in New,Zealand that’s gained a few million,followers on Instagram for myself and,clients built a decent income out of it,and now I’m here on YouTube posting two,videos every single week all about,growing on Instagram and making money,online so make sure you subscribe for,more of that and if you want to grab my,free Instagram ebook and cheat sheet top,link in the description first disclaimer,the first thing I want to say is that,buying and selling Instagram accounts is,technically against the Terms of Service,therefore meaning you technically are,not allowed to do it and Instagram could,potentially ban your account for this,and although that is very very very,unlikely and I only think

I’ve seen one,situation where a friends lost an,account I just want to mention that so,you are aware as I know pretty much and,no other videos on this topic I’ve ever,talked about that even though anyone who,knows anything about Instagram knows,that so true anyway getting in today’s,video I’m gonna cover four main things,firstly how to find accounts for sale,second how do identify if an account is,worth buying third how do you go about,actually buying those accounts safely,and fourth how to make sure you keep the,audience engaged and you hang on to the,account for a long period of time,without someone being able to hack back,into it and take all your money,now I’m gonna whip some timestamps up,here for different sections of the video,in case you’ve already done one or two,of these steps or even three of these,steps and you’re trying on something,specific

feel free to skip ahead so,firstly finding accounts now sadly since,flip mess is gone and no longer really,used there is no big safe marketplace,for Instagram pages here are some online,forums as well as telegram groups,however these aren’t only places I would,is that the most experienced of online,flippers marketers social media people,sort of would go to and that is,basically because most of the people on,these group chats and online forums are,trying to scam you they’re using like,anonymous accounts or hiding behind,their phone or computer screen and,suddenly accounts that they either don’t,own or selling them and not giving you,the account and that’s why I suggest,only the most experienced people use,these places because it’s pretty darn,easy to get scammed and unless you’re,experienced and can see the red flags,and and and sort of know that and then,be self-aware enough to pull away you,could lose money pretty easily so I,would recommend if you are pretty savvy,and able to

recognize these red flags,and pull away go for it look through,some of these telegram groups etc but be,very very careful at the same time,though these groups can be with some,bargains are found because it is so,risky often they are cheaper to buy,there and if you know what you’re doing,and you can identify the difference,between a scammer and someone who’s,legitimate you can find some good,bargains here build the account up a,little bit more tune the growth around,and prove the engagement and then flip,it for two or three or four times the,amount or even just hire someone to,manage it and have some of that nice,passive income how do you find an,account then Josh well this is actually,a tricky one in itself basically like,looking for a needle in a haystack my,advice is to tell people you know in the,space that you are looking for an,account

if you’re trying to buy an,account in the tennis niche and you’ve,got a bunch of friends that own accounts,in there just let them know hey I’m,looking for a tennis account looking to,spend about $500 let me know what you,know is for sale and then at the same,time I would go out there and DM say,five new pages five to ten new pages,every single day say hey I’m looking to,purchase a tennis account would you be,interested in selling if not do you know,anyone else who it is and by doing this,eventually if you keep putting it out,there that you are looking for an,account you will eventually get someone,probably reach out to you say hey I’m,saying this account make me an offer or,here’s the price have a you know what do,you think now I know this can be a very,tedious task it does take a bit of time,it does take a bit of effort but at the,end of the day if you can find a good,deal from it totally worth it in an,ideal world you’ll find someone who is,selling what you want if you want a,forty thousand follow,account this all about arts and crafts,you’ll find that and you’ll find that,from someone who is reasonably motivated,or desperate to sell for whatever reason,maybe they’re off to college and they,don’t have the time maybe they don’t,enjoy it anymore maybe they’ve just got,a full-time job doing something else or,maybe they’ve just started another,online business and they’re wanting to,move on because if you’re so into,someone who doesn’t have any motivation,to get rid of the account usually,they’re going to be wanting considerably,more for it because it’s like mmm if I,sell it who cares if

I if I don’t,doesn’t really matter but if you were,with someone that needs to sell it,you’ll get a better deal on it now,number two is how to identify good,accounts from bad ones,this is something that really does come,down to feel like I’ve talked about in a,lot of videos there isn’t really a set,number or a set of rules that you can,say hey efforts this this engagement,percentage this many followers as many,growth it is really good and if a,disease it is a scare due to the fact of,like the fact that engagement percentage,like the percentage of your audience,that like your photos goes down as your,followers go up typically and the fact,that engagement varies from a certain,niche and so on it’s very very,impossible to give a one shoe fits all,approach to this like I say a lot of the,times that message a lot of people look,at a lot of accounts and you’ll get a,good overview of your specific market,and can then make a judgement from there,however the main things you are looking,for with an Instagram account is,consistent posting an engaged audience,and solid growth and ideally on top of,that and upward trend on all of these as,an the growth is a hundred per day and,that was two weeks ago and now it’s a,hundred and twenty per day and you can,continually increase that even if the,gross good but if the growth is,continually going down or the engagement,is good but it is continually going down,it’s a bit of a red flag now that is the,best-case scenario by the way you want,you don’t have to go for all those,things you can even have a capo and of,course like any investment if you know,what you’re doing you can easily turn,one of these around if the growth isn’t,great but you’re not Instagram well you,can buy it apply some of the growth,strategies

I talked about in my videos,subscribe if you’re new then you can,turn that account around grow it and all,is good however the most important thing,to look for as an engaged audience or,fan base,on the account you can increase the,posting you can apply bit of growth,tactics to grow the page but if the,account doesn’t have a core group of,real people who enjoy the content then,you’re pretty much just buying a shell,of an account that’s got a name and a,bunch of followers it don’t really care,and often that can be a waste of money,so you want to make sure there’s some,sort of engaged group of people who,enjoy the content of the account and,appreciate it and they’re gonna like all,the post comment tag their friends etc,because that’s what’s valuable now,although I said there are no set rules,personally I wouldn’t buy an account,that’s got less than 0.5 percent,engagement and hasn’t posted at least 4,to 5 times per week in the last 4 to 5,weeks now that’s not to mean that these,accounts were smaller engagement are,faking anything but if they have to sale,generally you’re better to go for,accounts with high percentages and again,like I said I like I struggle to give,specific numbers here because it varies,so much for example if you are looking,at a meme account I would be looking for,accounts of getting at least 3 4 or 5%,engagement so if they’ve got half a,million followers,you want them to between 15,000 to,25,000 per post if they’re like a,Netflix account that’s posting like,Netflix quotes and movie scenes and so,on you want to you would expect a high,engagement right because your audience,is probably 12 13 14 year-olds that are,on Instagram all day,on the other hand if you’re and the,business niche chances are your,engagement is considerably smaller,because you’re targeting entrepreneurs,who chances are over 18 20 plus 30,plastic cetera so a they’ve probably got,a lot going on in their life and B if,they’re running a business chances are,they’re quite busy they spend less time,on Instagram and therefore the,engagement percentage is much lower now,the reason why

I say that you want to,make sure that they’ve posted at least,four to five times per week for the past,4 to 5 weeks is because there are a lot,of sneaky tricks people can use to,manipulate these figures for example if,an accounts engagement is dead they may,post just a few times over the space for,months and spend 10 dollars on each post,buying a couple thousand fake likes to,make the account look more valuable and,you know therefore get a bit of price,for it however the more often an account,has posted in the previous 1 to 2 more,the more likely the engagement is real,because if you post just say three times,in the last month is pretty cheap to,take your engagement from a thousand,likes to five thousand that might cost,you a hundred dollars and increase the,value of account by thousands however if,you’ve posted twice a day for the past,month that’s sixty posts this could cost,you two three four five thousand dollars,to inflate the engagement on the same,scale and it is not gonna be worth it if,you’re trying to scam people to do that,which means it’s more likely the,engagement as real although still,entirely possible just be cautious and,this is not to mean that someone that,hasn’t posted much is just faking it,because you know at the end of the day,if you got a new job you’re really busy,you might not have time to poke your,focus on Instagram you might not be,enjoying it and that could lead to your,not posting as much and so there will be,still real accounts out there that,aren’t posting much but just be cautious,the ideal situation as an account is,consistently posting has good engaged,group of loyal followers and is growing,nicely you can check out AG blood comm,to see statistics on all this stuff and,also be sure to ask for the audience,insights to check that they have the,right demographics that fits what you’re,trying to do especially if you’re buying,it and you already own like a brand

and,you’re trying to get more traffic for it,so now that you’ve decided this account,fits what you want to do let’s move on,to step three which is making the,transaction yeah so I’m not gonna go,into negotiation tactics because this,video is already very stretched out what,I recommend you do is you get Chris,Ross’s book which is called never split,the difference and I will leave a link,to that down below somewhere in the,description to go grab it on Amazon and,essentially he wrote a book all about,negotiation he was one of the top FBI,negotiators and it’s a great book on,negotiation I love it worth a read but,once you’ve negotiated a price and,you’re ready to do the deal make sure,you only pay it with PayPal goods and,services so if the deal goes south that,you can request a refund show PayPal the,evidence and most likely you’ll get your,money back if someone demands that you,only pay by a Bitcoin cash share or even,friends and family on PayPal chances are,they’re trying to scam you not always,but if that’s the only way they’ll,accept it,that is most likely the case they’re,trying to scam you I would only do this,a few are very close friends with a,person and know them and person I,personally would only do this with a,couple of friends that I know who I also,know in person and hang out with I feel,like that pretty say another thing that,you can do to keep yourself safe is have,a small written signed agreement with,screenshots of chats that you’ve had,with this person in the unfortunate,event that you do get scammed you can,send this off to PayPal or to your bank,and show them that you were scammed give,them the evidence and chances are you’ll,get your money back saying that I would,consult a legal expert because you never,know with PayPal I can be a bit all over,the shop another good we tip you can use,is make sure you get on a video call,with the person when you make the,transaction you’re on the phone with,them or get on a zoom call or something,like there and so you’re paying them,they give you the account you can log-in,etc change over the emails etc and,everyone is happy you do that in real,time rather than having to teach back,and forth because maybe they fall asleep,because

the time zones maybe they just,scam you and if they are a scammer that,less likely to do it over the phone they,would much prefer just scam someone over,text which is why I feel like this is a,really good safe option because they are,likely to decline getting on the phone,with you if they’re trying to rip you,off and even if they do get on the phone,with you with that intention I probably,less likely to follow through with it,and I more likely just to do it with,someone over text sadly if they are,unwilling to get onto the phone the only,reason I can think for that would be,they are trying to scam you because who,wouldn’t want to get on the phone to get,paid two three four thousand to give,them an Instagram account for takes a,literary one to two minutes of your time,and now finally moving on to step number,four which is securing the page now that,you’ve found them identified a good one,and gone through with the transaction,the last thing that you need to do is,make sure you secure the Instagram,account so it can’t be taken away from,you so to secure this ideally you would,have the og email from the owner and,what you want to then do is remove the,email slash phone research reset,password links and add in the Google,two-factor Authenticator app to the,email which means if someone wants to,reset the password the only way they can,reset the password to their,email address is if they physically have,your phone and a code would show up on,the screen etc unlike a phone number,where someone can ring up your phone,company,impersonate you and essentially they can,manually switch it on their in so that,tics go to that phone I won’t talk about,too much licentious called sim swapping,you can look it up if you want but to,fact Authenticator app is a great way to,secure the email and then if someone,hacks into your Instagram account get,your account you know for whatever,reason guess is your password does some,blackhat stuff you can go to your email,which no one else can access unless they,have your phone and then just click on,the reset password link inside there get,back into your account everyone’s happy,on top of this make sure that the og,email and og is original sorry

is,attached to the Instagram account and,ideally I like to take my phone number,off the security for an Instagram,account because like I mentioned before,phone numbers can be hacked of very very,easily through what’s called sim,swapping one thing you can do to protect,this is a tap-in code to your sim just,by ringing them up it’s not something,that you will ever be prompted to do by,your cell phone provider but it is,something you should do for security,this happened to me I could have lost a,lot of money luckily I know a few people,that helped me out nothing bad happened,so quickly to recap this video find a,good account through networking,persistently it’s the best way use sites,like IG blade to check out that they,have good engagement they have good,growth and look at the comment section,to make sure they’ve got like a real fan,base there you can go for pages that,don’t have any of these it means it will,be cheaper but it’s gonna be more risk,and I would only recommend this if,you’re good at growing Instagram pages,so you can turn things around,next make sure you make the payment,whilst on the phone and only use PayPal,goods and services unless you’re very,close friends with the person and you,maybe do it in person follow this up by,securing the og email for the account,adding two vector or ‘the indicator app,from google and adding a pin code to,your sim this should keep you very safe,in the event that someone does hack into,your Instagram account somehow you know,even though you’ve got a password you,can then get back in,with your email no one can hack the,email if you’ve got to factor or ‘the,indicator but I’m not a cybersecurity,expert check someone else out for that,and that there is it that is how you can,buy an Instagram account and 20/20,profitably and safely if you enjoyed,this video make sure you leave a like,and more videos like this twice a week,on my channel so make sure you subscribe,and lastly if you wanna grab my free,Instagram a cheat sheet and ebook link,to that below and aside from that that’s,it from me for this video see you guys,later and if you want to watch more,videos check the in screen for that,Cheers,see you later have an awesome day

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