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Construction Project Management Is A Top Career Choice

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Construction project management is a dynamic and rapidly changing sector which offers high-achieving workers an opportunity to excel in their roles by applying innovative solutions to severe problems. Project managers in the construction business are responsible for scheduling and planning projects, managing client and contractor relationships, and ensuring that the project is finished on time and budget. 

In a world where projects take longer and cost more than expected, a construction project manager with the experience and knowledge is needed. Here are a few compelling facts to help out, why construction project management is a top career choice: 

  • According to a recent study, Construction is one of the top 10 best-paying jobs for graduates with an average starting salary of $45,591.
  • One doesn’t have to have a college degree to enjoy a rewarding career in construction. 
  • The industry is ripe for anyone with excellent technical skills. Today there is much more use of sophisticated laser, building information modelling (BIM), and cloud-based mobile applications. The future holds, even more, promising from the technology perspective.
  • Construction offers plenty of opportunity for career advancement for all professionals. Highly experienced, specialized, certified construction project managers can expect to see double the entry-level salary —or more.
  • Construction project managers are always learning. They should regularly refresh their knowledge of new markets, processes, technology, services, and customers.

Roles and Responsibilities Of Construction Project Managers

The roles and responsibilities of construction project managers vary significantly across different projects. As a prospective construction project manager, one must develop both practical and soft skills that will enable them to function effectively in differing work situations and circumstances. Such as:  

  • Ensuring the coordination of various construction elements 
  • Scope management to ensure that all required work is completed 
  • Providing a realistic and practical project schedule 
  • Cost management to identify required expenses and maintain a budget
  • Ensure that the functional requirements of the project are satisfied
  • Human resource management to effectively deploy and employ project personnel 
  • Risk management to analyze and mitigate potential risks associated with the construction 

While there is no set path for a construction project, managers- to develop their skills and experience, a strong educational background in project management can be of great help. Pursuing Construction Management Courses from reputed institutes can help a lot. Various institutes are providing BBA, MBA, or specialised Construction Project Management courses in India.

One of the well-known institutes RICS SBE (School Of Built Environment) is providing the best construction management courses in Mumbai to train professionals to survive in the competitive sector.

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Author: Erric Ravi | Created at: 10.09.2019


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