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Also another alternative I believe that ought to OSRS gold be brought in is bidding, say man a puts up an item at say the minimum amount people can bid on it. It would obviously operate better if there was not a minute and maximum price. This would make things even closer to pos. Player Owned Shops

One thing I do not like about the grand exchange is the fact that players refuse to buy odd amounts of things. By way of example, I have 628 death runes for sale. How the system is setup, someone could buy 500 runes from me, however I can not collect my money and they can not collect their items until all the runes are sold.

No one ever buys 601 or even 613 runes/logs/ect. The sum must end in zeros for your item to sell. It is annoying. If someone just wants 500 runes, they ought to be able to receive their item once they buy it, and I ought to have the ability to collect the cash for the 500 runes while I wait for the other 128 100 runes to market.

Yes, we have gone on among these before. Going to Karamja, Law rune running etc. etc.. But how about a boat players may buy, sell and maintain indefinately that is not a pursuit related product? Be aware that this does not necessarily need to be a form of cheap RS gold transportation ( But it would help if it was ). Sail the seas into your hearts content.

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Author: er wer | Created at: 02.04.2021


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