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Thieving- less opportunity to fail. (Could also be chance of getting a greater reward not sure how thieving functions with rewards though) Woodcutting- Small chance to receive two logs at once. (Wc quicker is probably a much better idea that was indicated ) Firemaking- Fires last more. (please note these will be added on to this +9 defence that all the capes have and also the trimmed capes the + prayer)

Sorry if I forgot some abilities. Leaving to the mountain house soon and this Idea popped in my head, just wanted to get down it fast. Also if this has already been suggested I am sorry, like I said above I am just rushing to get this down and didn’t take the time to look through the suggestions. Due to this I probably won’t post again for at least 4 hours.

Please feel free to inform your remarks, andything that may be anything you do not like. I’m hoping that is will be liked and if I will find a fantastic majority of people who approve then I shall visit the runescape forums with this suggestion. Enjoy… Please no flaming though. If you do not think it is a good idea then place the flaws you see. Also can anyone tell me the way to have the survey thing to work? It doesn’t appear to be functioning. Thanks for the tips.

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Author: er wer | Created at: 07.05.2021


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