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My last idea is a clan chat owner can pick”inviters” which can invite people in clan proprietor clan chat. The inviters acts the exact same way as that can kick in the clan chat(I meen when you pull the clan chat option, clan owner can pick who gets to be able to kick). Zezima can take the invite so chaosor can enterhe or she can deny it, so chaosor can not join. I am sorry but I forgot the rest of my ideas, so until I remember them, have a nice weekend.

Another Totally Random Mini-quest. First of all, once a participant has finished the Sheild of Arrav quest, they then speak to Reldo who asks them if they wish to read the story of their Sheild of Arrav. When they shut it, Reldo informs them that the Museum Curator needed a job for someone. So they visit the Museum Curator who tells them of a mad scientist who lives in Draynor Manor and has assembled a TIME MACHINE! He explains that he would like someone to return in time and attempt to retreive the Sheild of Arrav until it is lost. You go and talk to the scientist who tells you that you’ve got 10 mins to get back along with your stuck!

So you go back in time and find Arrav and explain to him your situation. Then he informs you that he cant surrender the sheild to someone just like you. (“a weakling” he predicts you because he’s similar to level 300. Then you say you’ll help him prevent the invasion if he lets you maintain the sheild afterwards. (in all this you never stopped to think what could happen to the upcoming!?) Arrav gives you the shield and you go back. But when you arrive, there is not any more a scientist.

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Author: er wer | Created at: 14.04.2021


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