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Once you have collected all the seals , head back to Azzanadra. It’s fantastic! You have all the seals! I’ve set up a meeting some gods. Are you interested in a meeting? Yes. Certain gods have agreed to help to free Zaros in the event that he is kept in confinement. Confinement? Wouldn’t a pyramid this size be too small for a god. But Zaros although he’s still a Majharrat and is the same size as us are, remains a Majharrat. But what about Zamorak? Isn’t he a Majharrat? He is indeed a Majharrat however his curse from Zaros has left him severely deformed. His body is massive and he has the appearance of the demons he fought.

Let me know what Zaros appears to be. Well, he always had the most of his face with a sand-colored scarf, but he had shoulder-length hair. The black hair was puffed up. He had purple eyes and some believed this could be the reason for him liking the color purple so much. The robe he wore was that was the similar to the tan color of the scarf, however it covered his whole body with only his arms. Therefore, no one really is aware of his looks only his skin, hair, and eye color. This is what we know about the gathering.

{Dialogue in The dialogue inwill be what Azzanadra is saying until you go to the meeting. The Meeting You will meet five NPCs: Azzanadra Bright Light, Bright Light Hard Rock, Thick jungle and High Cloud. These typically inanimate objects are the gods supporting you. In named order, Saradomin, Bandos, Guthix, and Armadyl. Choose any of the four and they’ll provide you with an item. But first, you have to demonstrate your belief.

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