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PSO2AH offers a fast way for players to buy cheap and safe PSO2 Meseta on Xbox/PC/PS/Mobile, all transactions of Phantasy Star Online 2 Products go smoothly and reliably.

They talk in vague terms about stats, affixes, and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta potentials changing. I wouldn’t be at all surprised when they took away a lot of the mill along with other updates players have put in their equipment so that veterans have less of an advantage over new players. They might also make completely new skills that produce the transfer equipment less relevant. Hard to say. They did state that we might not fulfill the requirements of their transfer gear for some time after starting NGS, so obviously it won’t transfer over as level 1 gear. I really don’t think we ought to put our expectations too high though. I will assume transfer gear will be mid-game gear or need a lot of upgrades to be end-game equipment unless they state otherwise.

It had been stated that weapons may have distinct appearances and abilities, and might be over your level/ability to use at first. Units are not going to have any cosmetics, but nevertheless have stats, not the same though. No mention of grind, affixes, or camos.

My guess is that weapons/units carrying over means cosmetically only.

Does all of our characters customization take over like hair, outfits earned through ac buy meseta pso2, mission pass etc? When you buy a game like God of War, are you like”Fuck, only 60 hours and I’m done? I paid $60 for this shit and today there is no longer content. I wasted all of my time playing with this game.” .

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Author: er wer | Created at: 05.03.2021


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