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(This involves complaining about other flamers or going on and on about other people’s suggestions. Thank you) Additionally, as long as you’ve got something different to say, feel free to OSRS gold point out grammar/ spelling mistakes. THANKS!So I had been thinking of a way and eventually I got an idea: Player NPCS!!! They’re in reality npcs with the very same items that real players will ordinarily be carrying at there levels. They’d have titles such as the ones jagex gives folks on the gnomecopter areas you may visit. They will have normal items that someone about there lvl would have. Her’es a graph to show what would be where:

Lvl 1-10 wilderness= lvls 5-20 npcs. Lvl 11-20 wilderness= lvls 21-60. I will add more but because it don’t seem to good somebody can elaborate this to me. The items I planned on providing the lvls is like this: lvls 5-20: bronze-mithril armor/ weapons.

They’d have the exact effects on zones involving 1vs1 and teaming like previously. You’ll get skulled like before. Bounty hunter and clan wars are areas they can not enter. The way the behave will vary: Some will strike you, some you have to attack them.

However, although these may seem to be readily killed and stuff, they will be carrying food (mostly like revenants) that will respond exactly the same way as ordinary people, using around 15 parts of cheap RuneScape gold food every single that animate 15 hp. Well, if I can I’ll add more.

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Author: er wer | Created at: 03.06.2021


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