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To make it a struggle for macroers, this maze isnt the exact same every time, making plans to conquer this random possibly harder to make. While Woodcutting, Fishing, or Mining, you may see a black ghost look and it’ll suck you into ScapeRune. You will arrive in the beginning of the maze. The maze will be 100 squares from West to East, and North to South. Mr.Maze will look and talk to you. MM:I need you to chase down that Ghastly Ghost! He escaped out of my haunted mansion and into this maze! He had been the primary attraction for the haunted home of terror and haunt-ness, and I dont have him! Thank you! Hes been flying around in this particular maze here for a long time! Go get him! Oh, and utilize this! Mr.Maze will hand you a Ghost-Tracker, an item required to monitor invisible ghosts on the compass, also useful for spotting how much health a ghost has abandoned! Okey dokey, ill go get it. Possibly sick even reward your efforts! You can go catch it yourself because you dropped it yourself! Well, perhaps I should find someone else to grab it and give this reward into… Reward? Yes, I have a special reward for the person to grab it. “Hmm…” What? Count me in, just for the benefit however! Mr.Maze will give you a Ghost-Tracker, a thing required to track invisible ghosts around the compass, also useful for spotting just how much health a ghost has abandoned! Thank you gracefully!

Either option you select, you’ll end up searching down the ghost. The ghost moved quickly, so my advice would be to watch its pattern for the sort of maze your in then wait in 1 place, waiting for it to come around again. You will pull your Ghost-Tracker, and it’ll magically catch the ghost inside a bottle.

Hiding Harry will run off with the bottle, sending you in a chase . He is not invisible, nor can he operate through walls, making him easier then the ghost to catch. However, his routines are usually long and occasionally change randomly, making him just as tough as the ghost. He runs slow though, and your run can catch him up. Right click”Capture” and you will jump for him, tripping him and dropping the jar. Heres the jar! Now for this benefit. Oh! Almost forgot. Heres a product! Mr.Maze will select a random item, and give it to you! Undead Crown (10% chance)- Crown of the underworld prince. This tunic gives magical bonuses (Will explain further on)

And you implied that you could have two allotment spots per level 10 Building room, if that’s what you mean. So I was never implying that you could have more than one living space. Since Farming is mainly trained in low levels by allotment stains, it would be making it far too fast to include two extra patches at a mere level 10. Perhaps 1 patch, and 2 allotment patches at level 20-25? But overall, nice thought.

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