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I understand Mario Kart is competitive but I figured talking about young kids (under 4) and older adults who have never gamed I was more leaning on the capability for mario kart to be inclusive to Animal Crossing Bells a vast assortment of play. There’s a place for competitive kart and then there’s letting your young relatives enjoy winning every once in a while crumble under the assault of this blue shell you picked up on the first lap and were holding onto only to crushing their souls and show them what the real world is really like.

Coming from someone who has played every Animal Crossing, I agree it feels a bit lifeless, they gutted the game and have been slowly trickling in old features/characters through upgrades, you can’t even upgrade the Nook store which was a staple of previous games, I can absolutely admit they fucked up, despite me with 500+ hours at New Horizons.

Additionally, the hardcore players will surely buy it twice just to have multiple islands. I purchased ACNL twice (one physical, one digital) for that reason and I now have digital ACNH and’m thinking about picking up a physical backup only to get a fuck-around island.

I purchased it due to the hype. That is famous to saybut the game is so boring. After you get your three of four important buildings done and a couple of island residents, all you have to do is gather materials and craft materials at a work bench. Or you can purchase items at the general store. Like I can’t even devote a complete hour on the match at Animal Crossing Items For Sale one time.

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Author: er wer | Created at: 14.05.2021


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