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Many individuals believe editing to be the most challenging part of the writing process, and it should be. It is the most important aspect of creative writing. It's far more difficult for even the most gifted writer to discover a means to improve grammar in a first draft! It's typically helpful to take a brief break and walk away from the project after finishing the first draft to get perspective. Take some time when you return to read what you've written aloud to hear how it sounds. When you read aloud, you may often pick up on things that don't sound right. During this stage, you'll notice some of your grammar errors. Extensive study of the English language or grammar-correcting software will catch some of the more difficult things to catch. This isn't something you should feel embarrassed to use. Even grammar teachers, I'm sure, utilize the grammar tools built into word processing programs. Funny enough, I know someone who graded papers using this grammatical correction program! It is not only beneficial to utilize software to improve grammar in your work, but it is also beneficial to understand proper grammar. If the program picks up on something, take the effort to figure out "why" the grammar is wrong, unless it's obvious. Then scold yourself for missing it during your editing's "reading aloud" section. Did you know that there is even software that can help you improve your grammar when writing Facebook status updates, forum posts, and even articles?
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Author: Elizabeth Caroll | Created at: 19.08.2021


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