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Compare and Contrast The compare and contrast essay takes on any two subjects, pieces of information, or things and compares their various credits and parts. It shows the relationship between the subjects- - its corresponding qualities and contrasts - helping portray the subjects better. Process Essay The process essay portrays and explains how a thing, thought, or subject is formed or made. It's a 'How-To' essay that explains in detail every movement that goes into the creation or formation of the subject. Classification Essay Classification is something that is used in fundamentally all college essay types. It will as a last resort be an essay on its own where you pull back the theme or the subject into various classifications using rules. It gives you perpetual practice to pull back the subject into its segments. Conditions and laudable outcomes Conditions and laudable outcomes is an essay that conversations about the effects that branch out of an event or a subject or takes a gander at the causes that joined to form an event or an occasion.
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James Siverson 12 days

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