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Many parents limit their children from watching the news because of the violent and raw footage that is aired on television. This type of broadcasting can increase stress and worry in children. However, it is important for children to read and learn about the current events that occur in the world around them. How can children learn about current events in a safe and child-friendly platform? Here is a list of current news event resources that are designed for young readers. Tween Tribune: This daily news website is designed for children in grades Kindergarten through High school. The site is categorized into four sections: Grades K-4, Grades 5-6, Grades 7-8, and Grades 9-12. Each category contains age-appropriate current event content. This site promotes collaboration and interaction through their comments section. All comments are moderated and monitored by educators. This site also is available in Spanish. Students will be up to date with current events across the world with this interactive and educational site! Dogo News: Dogo News is a nationally recognized website for children. "Dogo" means young or small in Swahili. Dogo News contains the current event, news and non-fictional articles for kids and teachers. Dogo News is designed in three main sections: News, Maps and Sites. This site contains non-fictional articles, current events and news for both kids and teachers. Students will enjoy learning about current events on this engaging, fun and safe website. Time For Kids: Time For Kids is a news magazine designed for classrooms and students. The news information is age-appropriate for students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade. Time For kids also contains Common Core resources for teachers. Time For Kids is designed to teach reading and writing skills across the curriculum specifically social studies, science, and math. Time For Kids is designed to supplement the weekly classroom news magazine. CNN Student News: CNN Student News is created for middle and high school students. It was specifically made for classroom use. CNN Student News contains current events in the US and across the nation. Students will be informed on current daily news related to politics, entertainment, technology, and health. Students can stay connected to their community, nation, and world through these current event websites. These four websites will keep students well informed and educated in all things related to daily current news and events.
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Author: Doris Hall | Created at: 19.07.2019


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