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The current state of environmental pollution has reached the point when any effort to stop it counts. Regarding the current environmental situation, smoking in public places is a highly controversial topic that has aroused many researches and discussions. Those who support smoking in public places appeal to human rights and freedom of choice. Their opponents who intend to restrict smoking rely on the facts of damage that it causes to health and environment. Many countries have already banned smoking in public places, but this matter still raises heated arguments. In this paper, I will try to answer the question if smoking in public places should be legal or illegal, and analyze the arguments for and against it.

The issue of smoking in public places has received especially strong reaction in the United States. It is conditioned by the fact that America had a long and intense history of smoking. In the 1950s, smoking was a significant part of American culture. Everybody smoked everywhere and that was even encouraged by the government. The reason for this is that tobacco was taxed by the US government, and that taxation was a major source of income for decades. Tobacco companies were competing for the place on the market, spending millions of dollars on the promotion campaigns. The popularization of cigarettes has lead to the allowing of smoking in most of the public places including even hospitals, schools and public transport.

However, the situation has changed after the connection between smoking and lung cancer has been revealed. Since then, it has been one of the strongest arguments against smoking. Medical researches all around the world have proved multiple times that smoking causes serious damage to health. However, most smokers are still not conceived by this fact and cannot break their bad habit due to the high addicting property of tobacco. Strong addiction to tobacco is another case that made many people turn against smoking. The main point of this argument is that a smoker’s behaviour is dictated by his habit, and he cannot get it under control through psychological addiction. Another major matter is passive smoking. People who do not smoke are forced to breathe the smoke while being around those who smoke. These facts have lead to the negative reaction of the society that resulted in starting anti-smoking campaigns.

Smoking bans have received a wide public support through the concerns of tobacco companies and some of the entertainment establishments about losing their profit. However, many studies regarding the smoking ban effect on the economy and business concluded that the ban did not cause any serious harm to business. By the example of Clean Indoor Air Act, one of the US smoking bans, we can see how it affected different workplaces. A 2006 research provided by the New York State Department of Health found that “the CIAA has not had any significant negative financial effect on restaurants and bars in either the short or the long term.” In fact, the study showed that the city’s restaurants and bars prospered despite the smoke-free law with increases in jobs, liquor licenses, and business tax payments. The obvious use of smoking ban appeared in reducing the second-hand smoking and cleaning air.

In my opinion, smoking bans make our life better. By smoking less, we get cleaner air, less problems with health and less expense on tobacco production. There are smoking areas for those who cannot stop smoking where they can enjoy the taste of their favorite cigarettes without being judged or punished by law. I suppose that government does not intend to cut somebody’s rights, but tries to improve life of the population. I believe that it is much better to breathe clean air than suffer from lung cancer. That is why, I support smoking ban and think that it is an enhancement and everyone wins.


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Author: Sam Carter | Created at: 12.09.2019


harding Mark about 1 month

The idea of smoking have always terrified me and I strongly believe that it needs to me stopped and raise awareness about it. The platform of the have always encouraged smoking and this needs to be stopped. Such platforms needs to be reported.

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Lawrence Fields about 1 month

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