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Step into the shoes of the entrepreneurs who led the charge to build their own mobile-friendly shopping app “eBay” And Enter the eCommerce Marketplace with your own online Shopping App!

The eCommerce market is huge. So are the opportunities in it. Whether you are just starting out in eCommerce or have already become a successful digital retailer, it’s important to note that it takes a lot of work and effort to carve a sizable share of the market. Securing online market share is not always easy and requires constant effort to remain on the top of your game.

One of the ways to pave the path toward becoming a popular multi-vendor online business is to start developing your business app, characterized by the touch of your own brand values. And we’re here to support people with business ambitions like you to make this massive breakthrough in solace.

DMS Infosystem provides an opportunity to create an eBay Clone App for your own online business. Personalized for your business with a reliable multi-vendor eCommerce platform that is profitable and has a distinctive design, our team of professional developers are experienced in making an app like eBay and make you rule over the online market. Why is there a delay then? Let’s get started on your project straight now.

What Makes DMS Infosystem Stand Out Among others?


Along with exceptional items, your customers need a custom-tailored shopping experience. We’ll help you increase efficiency throughout the value chain by improving the responsiveness of your online selling business

Our App Development Process (flow chart)

Wish List


Establish strategic goals for developing your concepts into a marketable app.

Product Search

Analysis & Planning

Create a product plan, identify needs, and define structure.

User Login

UI/UX Design-

A well-executed design will produce a smooth and seamless user experience.

 Filter Attributes

App Development-

Create a mobile app, an API, and the backend by using an agile development approach.

Order Tracking


Apply a number of testing criteria to properly validate the app’s quality.

Order Status

Deployment & Support

Launch of the product in several app stores with full support for upcoming updates.

Key Features of Our eBay Clone App

With Our Powerful Packed Set Features Of eBay Clone App, You Can Create The Ideal Online E-Store.


Every user can quickly set up an account in your eBay-like app thanks to our extremely easy onboarding procedure.


Simple User Interface And Navigation

Without any difficulties, Users can browse the application and check out the numerous things mentioned there.


Advanced Search Option

Users’ experience with your application software is improved using this feature, which allows them to easily search for the item.


Real-Time Tracking

Tracking orders in real-time is made possible by this feature for users of the app and admins. As a result, there is more openness between customers and businesses.



Customers using your app can worry-free shop by adding funds to the app’s integrated E-wallet. Any reimbursements are immediately placed in their respective E-wallet.

Multiple Currencies & Languages Support

With support for several currencies as well as languages, one can grow their business internationally.


Social Media Integration

Integration of powerful social media will liven up your eCommerce site. They prove to be very helpful for drawing in additional customers and effectively marketing your company.



Get more website visitors and rank first in any product’s search result utilizing a platform that is search engine friendly


Admin Panel Features of the eBay Clone App


Manage Users

Admins have access to and control over every app’s user, moreover, they have the authority to prohibit them if there is malfeasance.


Manage Payments & Commission

All transactions made in the app are transparent to the admin and they can generate revenue reports out of it and calculate the total commission earned.


Manage Vendors

The shop vendors are entirely managed by the admin. If buyers have complained about the quality of the shop’s items, they may reject them. Additionally, admin staff receive a comprehensive overview of the vendor’s app activities.


Analytic Dashboard

Admin staff get a sneak peek into their present company activities and predict the progress of the business at various rates of development.


Product Enlisting


Review Management

The application’s admin has access to and control over all consumer reviews.


Vendor Panel Features of the eBay-Like App



Vendors can access a dashboard that contains a glimpse of every activity of their business. This improves business performance.

 ### StoreFront

Show owners/vendors/retailers can set up their online shop in the eBay-like application and display every item they have available, any offer they are presently giving, and many other things.


Order Management

Vendors carefully review, pack, and send out each order made by the users.


Catalog Management

Vendors can conveniently browse, control, and post new items to the application.


Inventory Management

Inventory supply of the business is periodically brought up to date such that vendors don’t fail to fulfill any order.


To grow their business more with the app, vendors can develop banner ads and display these on the app’s home screen to attract more customers.

User Panel Features of the eBay-Like App



Having a wide selection of items will delight your consumers. Let everyone browse on the marketplace and discover the items they just need.


Quick Login

Adding a social media account login option will improve the way your customers experience signing up with your app.


Search Option

Users who are certain of their purchasing and want to directly search for the product can browse with the help of this feature. They may immediately buy them by typing the details of the item in the search menu.


Order Placement

After the customer has selected the product or item they want to order, they can easily place the order by providing the necessary information.


Account Setup

Users are required to keep their own app account up to date, which contains information such as their name, residence, place of employment, and other things.


Order History

Our software keeps track history of orders that customers have ever placed and displays information for their future references such as the order id, order quantity, items bought, and order date among other things.


Re-Order Section

Whenever customers want to repurchase the same item they ordered previously, they can easily repeat their order from this section. This helps the individual save time.


Different Options For Payment

Add more payment methods as it will make your app more convenient for users because they can choose from a number of payment methods like net banking, UPI, Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, gift cards, or cash on delivery.


Why Choose Our Service?


ISO Certified

We are an ISO-certified organization with over 8 years of expertise in web development and mobile app development.


Rich Expertise

We have over 1000 clients in 21 countries, which helps us to understand regional needs and work to international standards..

Dedicated Developer

Whether it’s a start-up, a small business, or a household name, our devoted team of developers and designers has ensured that the customer receives exactly what they want, resulting in customer happiness and 90% client retention..

Caters to every business need

Our development service provides great flexibility to businesses so that they get what they and their business actually need, that also at a fraction of the cost..

DMS understands the customer’s perspective and provides them with mobility and distinctive Seamless clone app creation solutions powered by cutting-edge technologies. Integrate or tweak features to meet your company’s demands, and you’ll have a fully operating application in a matter of weeks.


Amazon Clone Page


Why Pick Us for Your App Development Journey?


At DMS Infosystem, We make sure that the software development mechanism is managed by professionals who can quickly provide top-notch eBay clone software.


Fastest Time To Market

Because we already have a foundational eCommerce software solution, we can launch your more quickly and at a better value price. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Completely Personalized & Cost-Effective

Get a fully customized eBay-like eCommerce shopping software for your online business’s driver app, customer ordering app, and management dashboard. We believe in- Your app, Your way!


Our robust technologies would cater to all your demands for a multi-vendor eCommerce platform. Providing a completely distinctive experience!


Expertise On Demand

Providing reliable solutions with certain crucial insights we have gathered by creating market-demanding online selling business apps. When Your company grows, so do we!


Global Presence

Your brand logo and company graphics can be used to personalize the user experience through white labeling. Let us handle everything while you concentrate on growing your business!


Highly Dedicated Support

With a committed team, we ensure you receive the highest ROI from launch through support and maintenance. We genuinely care about you and your company!

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Author: Dms infosys | Created at: 24.11.2022


Great article Lot's of information to Read...Great Keep Posting and update to People..Thanks
okbet app

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