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about 23 hours

Mobile App Development Vs. Mobile Website – Which One is Better?

While some businesses employ both mobile websites and apps, other companies might have to choose one of them. The choice between #mobileapps and mobile websites depends on their cost, usability, required features, and the audience they serve. That being sai...


5 days

Best Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Process in UAE

If you’re an entrepreneur that is looking to maximize their business, then you must consider a #mobileapp. However, mobile apps take time to make, and sometimes that time frame in which the app is actually developed can make a whole lot of difference. In...


11 days

Effective Ways to Boost Customer Lifetime Value for your eCommerce Website in Dubai

For every #eCommercebusiness, there are important eCommerce marketing KPIs to track: number of orders, revenue, profits, etc. However, there’s one metric you may not be tracking that has the power to impact your bottom line and improve your success forecast...


13 days

Tips To Improve User Ratings On Mobile Apps

Positive reviews turn your customers into advocates for your mobile app. If your app has a significant amount of high-quality reviews, it’s more likely to be visible to people, who in turn will download it. Reviews also are a source of feedback about your #...


18 days

What are the Common Problems for Web Hosting and How to Avoid Such Problems?

With the advent of digital technology in the form of the Internet spreading its wings worldwide, more and more businesses are coming ahead to establish their online presence every day. But in the process of launching a #website on the Internet, it is highly...


23 days

Important Factors To Consider Before Developing An iPhone App

Due to the rise in popularity of mobile devices and their continuous supremacy over the tech market in the past couple of years, those that invest time and money into creating the applications which mobile devices run off of can see a highly profitable retu...


27 days

Expert Tips to Improve Your Website’s Design, Branding & UX

Now that the Covid-19 crisis is beginning to ease, organizations are putting more and more emphasis on emerging from this crisis in the strongest position possible. Based on this guide has been created to help the best website, brand, and communications man...


29 days

How Mobile Apps Development can Increase the ROI of your Business?

Creating a #mobileapp for your business is one thing and fulfilling its purposes is a different scenario. To boost the ROI of your business you have to use ways that attract customers in different ways. Although, the right strategy helps to improve the stat...


about 1 month

Resolve Five Main Payroll Problems With An Online Smart Payroll Software in Dubai

A smooth #payrollprocess in your organization is like oxygen—when it’s there, you hardly notice it; when it’s missing, you can’t think about anything else. That makes payroll one of the least appreciated yet most important functions within a business. Payro...


about 1 month

What is the Best Online Payment Gateway for eCommerce Business in Dubai?

Today the world is led by the internet and mobile computing technologies. Surging internet connectivity correspondingly driving the eCommerce industry across the globe, establishing new benchmarks in terms of revenue and customer engagement. Running a succe...

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